Tandie M.
Got mine for my one and only daughter I love it.
Linda R.
I bought this for my Daughter.It is so nice,Im giving it to her at the hospital after she has her baby girl.I cant wait.Tyvm I love it and so will she.
Heather N.
This necklace is beautiful and the perfect size. My daughter LOVES it! The quality of it is comparable to some of my jewelry that is upwards to 3-4x the cost.
Tindra C.
I got this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! Its good quality and is the first necklace to withstand her at the park lol definitely recommend this for other moms to give their daughters!!
Gina F.
I ordered his for my daughter. It is beautiful! She never takes it off and says she thinks of me every time she touches it.....so worth it!
Sharon J.
Just what I had hoped for! It's quaint and simplistic style was perfect yet it holds a beautiful sentiment!
Yvette M.
Love this necklace. I bought it to give to my daughter when she leaves for college in the fall. She typically wears silver jewelry, so this will be a nice addition to her collection. It is delicate but well made.
Lee-ann C.
I got this for my best friend’s daughter. My best friend recently died, and her daughter is turning 10. What a very special, high-quality gift, with a beautiful display. It’s perfect.
Luisa O.
This is a nice, moderately sized piece of jewelry that I would imagine any daughter would love to receive. This may not be the fanciest piece of jewelry but it is a charmingly simple piece that will remind the daughters just how much she means to you each and every time she wears it.
Veronica L.
Pretty, dainty, exactly as pictured. Super fast shipping.
Anna C.
Classic, symbolic necklace. I'm impressed too by the mission and approach of the company.
Marilyn V.
My daughter said she loved it because it was a moderately sized piece of jewelry that didn't hang too low and still looked really nice! she said she got many compliments on it when she wore it to work, so I'll take that as a successful purchase.
Silvia E.
I love that she wanted to have this treasure! Good job, your company rocks and so does the message to daughters from mothers ❤️
Wenzell S.
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece. It’s really simple and perfect for someone who doesn’t like heavy jewelry, but that’s not to say it doesn’t withstand regular wear.
Stephanie R.
I’ve been wearing it none stop from the day Mom gave it to me. I though that it’d go black quickly and my neck would turn green but no such thing. The material is great and I get so many compliments on it.
Diana K.
I absolutely love this new necklace. So meaningful of my daughter, and being a mom.
Celine C.
Amazing quality for a reasonable price. This necklace has great attention to details. The words are engraved clean and crisp. Perfectly made for a cheap price.
Rhea G.
My Daughter LOVED it. Doesn't seem cheap or anything, the quality is REALLY good. I was afraid the chain would break easily, but the chain is AMAZING. Highly recommend it.
Natalie M.
Bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter after looking at all of them and decided upon this one because it was unlike any of the others I had seen. She gets compliments on it, even from a worker at a high end jewelry store.
Oralia F.
I was not thrilled with the chain but the pendant is so gorgeous.
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