Amber W.
A great tool and easy to use. I wish the barrel was longer for long hair. Definitely should have compared to other products before purchasing.
Mary P.
Easy to use. Love the compact size
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undefined review of tyme iron air: aura image 1 out of 3+2
Leshia D.
Omg!! I've never been so happy and sad at the same time!! So YEARS go I got the Tyme Pro and never attempted to use it until a couple of months ago. There was a but of a learning curve but once I got it I was in love! So, came to the Tyme site and sadly saw they were going out of business! Decided I wanted to try the Air version to possibly give to my teen. Well..I tried it tonight and I love it more than the pro!! Watched the video one time and I was set!! Now I'm sad because I want another Air...
Ana L.
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Lynn F.
I have another brand that looks like tyme air, but looks like was all. Tyme is so much better . The heat plates are so smooth my hair glides through them. I get fantastic curls. I should have bought a backup, to late now they are sold out. TYME IS A GREAT COMPANY WITH GOOD PRODUCTS AND GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Lisa L.
This is a great tool. Smooths out hair and makes a great curl. Better than my curling wand. Still trying to get down my technique and learn what works best but I am getting there! So easy to use over all. .
Jessica A.
My hair doesn’t hold curls for the life of me!! This thing works and holds for days!
Kristen K.
Great dual tool to have. Love the cooling vents. Definitely helps thin flat hair stay curled longer than conventional irons.
Alissa H.
This is my third Tyme iron tool. I have received many compliments with the curls I get with the Aura. My hair never used to hold curl long, but with the Tyme irons, I can get several days with my curls. Each day as the curls fade out I get a different look, I love how they last. I have recommended to many friends! Thank you for a great styling tool!
undefined review of TYME Iron Air: Obsidian image 1 out of 1
Tara P.
I am such an awkward person and a complete idiot when doing my hair. This really is as easy as the video shows. The picture is the first time I tried it and I got better and better at it. I absolutely love this thing and have shared a link to the product with two of my friends so far after they commented on how great my hair looks!
Chelsea M.
I absolutely love it!! I had the Lange equivalent, and there is NO comparison! The Lange felt cheaper and pulled my hair all the time. The Stardust feels better, looks sexy, glides over my hair like butter and leaves it smooth and shiny. The crazy thing is they are the same price. I I'll be a forever Tyme customer.
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Norie L.
QUICK PERFECT STYLING!!! I have thin hair, in a shortish angled bob. It took me 5 minutes to curl my hair! I didn’t realize the Tyme “Air” also has fans blowing (optional) while styling & I love it! Quick, easy, & the heat sleeve is awesome too!
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Josephine D.
I am definitely one of those people that cannot do my own hair to save my life. But I got curls the first time I used my Tyme Iron Air. Omg! It is life changing. I am telling everyone I know about it. Thank you!
Stefanie L.
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Jacqueline N.
I never write reviews but this was actually worth a review. I have the Dyson and find myself using this everyday and the curls actually hold all day. It’s super easy to use and delivers great results!
Krista B.
This is the best straightener and curling iron I have ever had! I’m 54 so I’ve had many. The TYME Iron Air Aura does an amazing job of straightening me wavy, course hair and making it smooth & shiny. It also does it without harming my hair the way past straighteners did. I can also curl my hair so much easier with this iron! Different types of curls too! I HIGHLY recommend this iron!
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Charlotte D.
My hormonal 14 year old did not have the patience for this. We tried it several times. Each time ended in tears. I might put it away and try it again when she’s older. If you get the hang of it it gives a nice soft curl; you won’t get a tight curl with this wand.
Joelle B.
At first, I wasn’t too sure about this iron…however, after my Tyme Style session with Jacynda - I may be considering the iron to my most favorite 😍 styling tool! Thank you again “Jacynda” it was a pleasure meeting and styling with you! 😊
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Tamara A.
I love my iron. It does such a wonderful job and my curls last all day!
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Lina K.
Cool little tool! Made my hair soft and straight!
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