Mary M. review of tyme blowbrush: obsidian image 1 out of 1
Mary M.
This is the first brush dryer I have used and i love how quickly it drys my hair! It is lightweight and easy to hold.i have quite wild curls and I can actually straighten my hair with this amazing dryer! I really love it!
Ellie P. review of TYME BlowBrush: Aura image 1 out of 1
Ellie P.
I have extremely thick and long hair. On average it takes me about 10 minutes to blow dry my hair with any blow dryer. With this tool it took me half the time. It is great for styling curtain bangs and so much more!
Kathy L. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Kathy L.
My hair is shiny, healthy and this brush dryer is so easy to use!
Corina G. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Corina G.
Took some practice but it makes for perfect volume hair with perfect curled ends.
Shanda A. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Shanda A.
I absolutely love this. One of the best things I have ever bought. It’s the smoothest my hair has ever been. I let my mom borrow it and now she is buying her one. She has kinky curly hair and it straightened hers and was not frizzy. Saved her so much time getting ready. Faster than a brush and hair dryer.
Jessica S. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Jessica S.
I'm in love with the designer with the quality with the temperature with the agility and practicality that I fix my hair, she has 3 speeds and really has no defects for me she is excellent I loved my acquisition
Ana V. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Ana V.
Este producto me sorprendió mucho! Me encanto como quedó mi cabello la primera vez de uso! Se que tengo que adquirir más habilidad al momento de usarlo! Pero esto es un palo cuando no quieres ir al salón! Lo recomiendo al 100%
Teresa M. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Teresa M.
Where has this blow brush been all my life?! It's a total must have. After I shower, I let my hair air dry until it's about 90% dry, then I use this blow brush in medium size sections. Takes less than 10 minutes and last for days. Everyone asks me if I got a professional blowout, but it's just this blow brush! Can't recommend it enough. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. And this review is 100% honest :-)
Mary H. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Mary H.
If you expect this brush to be like other blow dry brushes you’d be wrong!! With more heat settings than the competition, it’s half as loud (quiet enough i could listen to an audiobook while i did my hair, life changing) and the bristles in the brush really grip the hair, i had way less trouble twisting the brush.
Kimberly S. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Kimberly S.
I was excited to get this product since I cannot give myself a blow out for nothing but since this has a brush attached it's made it so much more user friendly. The brush isn't as heavy as it looks and it glides easily through my hair. I suggest letting your hair air dry a bit and while it's slightly damp, then use the BlowBrush.
Kimberly P. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Kimberly P.
The way this blowbrush grips your hair so you get such silky smooth hair is everything. Its not too loud, even on the highest setting. But still has a powerful airflow to dry hair quickly. This blowbrush is soooo good. And I think you should do yourself a favor and get yourself one.
Falon C. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Falon C.
Wow! I am so loving my new TYME Blowbrush! I was provided with this product in return for an honest review, and I absolutely LOVE it! It has changed my morning routine by making it so much easier!!! I used to go through multiple steps to get my hair dry, then straightened, then curled, etc. TYME has cut the time I spend on my hair by at least half! I love that this brush adds a huge amount of volume AND even dries my damp hair all at once! The 8’ cord is awesome because my mirror isn’t super clo...
Tina L. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Tina L.
I have very fine and straight hair and this brush was a miracle solution to achieve an amazing volume! It is very easy to use which makes it perfect salon ready hair within minutes. The round brush doesn't damage my hair but rather makes it very smooth. I was provided with product in return for my honest review.
Meagan M. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Meagan M.
before using the blow brush It always took me forever to blow dry my hair because of my length and my hair would always come out super frizzy. The BlowBrush makes my life so much easier while doing my har. It tames the frizziness and with the different settings it makes it easy to use. My hair is more shiny without drying out my hair and I can go a few days with it styled before washing my hair. Highly recommend!!
Kristie H. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Kristie H.
I am obsessed!! I hate blow drying my hair and haven’t owned a blow dryer for years but this makes it so much easier. Rather than whipping your hair around while simultaneously blow drying it, you just have one product. It literally blow dries your hair as you comb it! Best hair product ever!!! I will never go back!
Zoya A. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Zoya A.
I love the BlowBrush!! First of all it is a gorgeous brush that would make a great gift. Secondly, it works amazingly! I love that it has 3 different heat settings. I have frizzy, curly hair, so I need a brush that has more than one setting to really get all the knots out and leave it smooth! I have tried several blow dry brushes before and this one by far is so much more superior! My hair doesn’t get stuck in the bristles and it’s also less damaging, which is a win win! I wanted to show a befor...
Barbie review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
I like it! The only thing that’s a bit of a negative is that it’s hard to clean the hair out afterwards. Otherwise, it’s very effective!! A huge plus is that it’s nowhere close to being as noisy as others I’ve used! Get it! You’ll love it! 👍🏻
Betty C. review of TYME BlowBrush image 1 out of 1
Betty C.
I am not good with hair styling and especially using styling tools! But honestly trying out this blow brush truly blew my mind. It was super easy to hold, twist, turn and curl in the ends of my hair while giving it massive volume. I was legit shocked seeing that I can do my own hair blow out at home! This is def salon quality. And did I mention how quiet it is!! I love the bristles and different heat settings. Highly recommend!
Pamela P.
This versatile tool simultaneously dries and styles hair with a range of attachments and four different heat settings to leave strands shinier, smoother, and more voluminous. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maria C.
Excellent blow dry bush! It’s super easy to use and dries my hair to a full smooth and with volume. The trick is to part your hair with a large hair clip and dry the bottom first, it works & hair ends up looking amazing!