Anthony D. review of TYME Triangle Hair Brush image 1 out of 1
Anthony D.
Great brush for volume! Great brush if you have short hair and are looking for volume. I used this brush on my boyfriend's hair to obtain maximum volume and the results came out great. The brush has an extremely comfortable grip and has high quality bristles. Thank you TYME for creating amazing products :grin: Video review:
Michelle F.
Great collection of brushes! I am excited to try the little triangle brush. I use the paddle brush everyday
Michelle F.
I LOVE this brush! I use it to lather my shampoo and gently masssge my whole scalp. It feels so relaxing and I love knowing that my scalp is getting blood flow/circulation
Penelope R.
This is the best round brush I’ve ever used. I’m able to achieve great volume with my style and it eliminates any frizzy hair. LOVE!
Joie H.
The brush works great with my short hair ❤️
Rizalina B.
I like tool that i bough specialy the paddle hair brush and the skinny brush to do style my hair
Diane S.
Why is this the only size this comes in? It is way to big for some areas of my hair. I wish they would make a 2 inch size like most other brands do.
Lisa C.
I began my Tyme journey about 5 months ago with a purchase of the Tyme Pro iron and Shampoo and conditioner, and from there I was hooked !I since have purchased and used only Tyme products on my hair, I couldn't have been happier. Life changing is an understatement! I watched several you tube video's until I felt confident with my Pro iron. In those videos I always noticed the brushes that were being used, I was intrigued, especially when it was mentioned that you should replace your brushes,...
Hector B.
Cindy F.
Love these brushes I had these brushes before except for one and I am totally in love with them!
Michelle W.
This is a feel great product! I love it.
Jessica S.
Perfect i loved this , is very very Good , i am happy for the giffted
Tina F.
Love it!! 💕 Love this brush. I have really long hair and this brush is perfect for me.
Mai R.
Brushes Love it !
Mishael W.
Awesome! I struggle with psoriasis on my scalp. This REALLY helps!
Alice L.
Best Brushes What a wonderful set of brushes for all hair needs! Everyone needs this versatile set of brushes.
Sylvia R.
Best Tyme Spent ! Love Tyme brushes I’ve been using their brushes since they started
Linda J.
Not exactly what I expected My hairdresser has a triangular shaped brush and this was as close as I could find. It is triangular, however it is so small it doesn't really do much more than a round brush. I've used it 2-3 times and just not fond of it.
Ivonne A.
Excellent brush!
Rosemarie S.
Tyme Detangler Great brush and detangler, love Tyme