Dawn T.
This hair snob loves this Hairspray! Love this hairspray and won't use anything else!
Justine L.
Love the hairspray! The TYME hairspray smells wonderful and it holds the style in my hair. I definitely would recommend it to anyone.
Shari G.
Great for Natural Gray I have naturally gray hair, which doesn’t hold a style. I usually buy the drugstore brands which make your hair hard, stickie and unable to get a brush through, but it stays in place! I decided give Tyme a try as I like all the other products and Wha-La! It work! I use less than the drugstore brand and I do not need to re-spray during the day. My hair moves freely and feels soft to the touch. It brushes out easily at the end of the day, and it smells great!
Janet T.
Hairspray 4 Stars because I'm not a huge fan of the way aerosol spray feels and blows my hair out of place. But LOVE the hold and the smell. :)
Vanessa M.
Gesica M.
Fantastico Realmente es asombroso todo el producto ! Lo adoro 💕
Penelope R.
Great I love the TYME hairspray . Great hold without feeling stiff.
Brandy C.
Does not disappoint! Love the scent and the hold this hairspray offers! A little goes a long way to keeping my style touchable, fresh, and frizz free!
Love the hold I spray a very small amount of this and after styling my hair with my Tyme iron and my curls last all day I do think using too much leaves my hair too stiff so use it sparingly.
Great spray I really like the lightness & holding power of this spray. The way it hardens at first and then brushes out soft takes some getting used to but overalll it is wonderful!! The one thing I do not like is that the spraying hole constantly gets clogged and causes the hairspray to go in all different directions and come out much thicker than the original soft spritz.
Very very strong hold Perfect if you are looking for a very very strong hold, esp for an up do, or for curls, can be a little too strong if not careful with overspray, but good product overall
Love this hairspray!
Andrea B.
Holds Softly This is the first hairspray that I have used that has the ability to hold my hair softly. My hair stays, but does not feel stiff and untouchable. Love this spray!
Leaves hair touchably soft yet holds the shape all day on my very thick and heavy hair. Awesome product!
Great product! Love it!
Best hairspray EVER!! I’m 48 yrs old and I feel I’ve tried every salon hairspray plus all the store bought. Tyme hairspray is, by far, the best hold and smell.
Marie N.
Great product!! I love how my hair feels after using this spray, still soft, and holds my style all day.
Your hair will withstand anything with this spray I recently purchased this hair spray and it is so incredibly effective. One word of caution that is also a benefit; a little goes a Looooong way. A tiny spray will more than make sure your hair is impervious to weather, wind or anything that comes your way.
Love the tyme hairspray!
Tyme Iron I have always worn my hair straight I use a Flat Iron. My hair is naturally frizzy and thick, I have always had trouble getting a soft shiny long curl. But with a Tyme Iron I am FINALLY able to get the curls I always wanted. There is a learning curve. Tyme tutorials were very helpful.