Norbert H. V.
I have one of these for myself and bought this a gift for someone who is starting out with wanting to know more about wine. An excellent tool that all wine lovers should have.
Julie L.
We love the ease of this decanter! We've tried it out with several wines and love the ability to decant a wine that we can then put back in the bottle and take to a restaurant to enjoy.
Mark L.
This is a replacement for the exact same model that my wife and I broke (our carelessness). We love this aerator! Had the original one for a long time. Works perfectly every time. Very, very little leaking/run-off.
Connie C.
I purchased for my boss. He absolutely loves it! Thank you!!!
Patricia A.
Just such a good aerator & if no sediment, nice to put in the bottle..
Sarah C.
Love this decanter - extremely convenient - great shape and provides top notch aeration... easy to clean also ! Very well made
Jackie M.
Love this product! Beautifully made
Richard D.
We love how it changes or softens the wine. There is a definite difference between before and after.
Louis P.
My girlfriend has a lot of valuable reds in her wine refrigerator so I thought she'd appreciate this gift and she did. Very easy to decant and return the wine to the bottle. The decanter is light and the stopper is well made. No leaks. The decanter is attractive and looks good on the table if one wants to leave the wine in it. I recommend it as a gift for your favorite red wine lover.
Ty D.
Very pleased with the quality of the product, I plan to order two additional for my two daughters. We have one for our permanent home and the Beach House.