Trish N. review of Wick Portable Table Light in Brass image 1 out of 1
Trish N.
Saw these at a restaurant and became obsessed. Easy to charge and use. Love the stylish design and can't wait to get them outside this summer!
Erin A. review of Wick Portable Table Light in Brass image 1 out of 1
Erin A.
Simple to use and great style.
Linda S.
These beautiful and high quality Wick lights are perfect for indoors or outdoors. We use them on our table outdoors for dinner and they are a really nice addition to the ambiance. If you want them dim or bright - they have all the options.
Michelle B.
Love the lamps but you sent one of the wrong color and still have not heard back regarding a replacement.
Roberta K.
I love this little lamp, the base is nicely balanced with weight ,and it is lovely to carry in the evening for a soft lamp. It holds a charge for a very long time , days actually.
Mandy A.
I love this lamp!! The concept and design are both great. Unfortunately, the lamp I received has a malfunction with the on/off/dimmer feature so I have to exchange it for one that hopefully works properly. I've never ordered from this company before and their exchange process is extremely bothersome to say the least.
Joanne H.
Great idea lot of light for small lamp love cordless idea
Kathryn M.
These are really stylish and clever. The light(s) can be used on a dinner table or mantle. I definitely wanted one in case of an emergency to help get from point A to B, and I will absolutely use them outside in the summer. Very pleased.
Kathy M.
Really cool light that is a modern twist on traditional!! Love the settings from dim to bright. Functional yet stylish! Very happy I purchased and want to get a second one!
Sheela J.
It's better than I expected! It looks nice in my home and I think it is versatile to fit in any decor. I love the softness of the light. It beautifully imitates the glow of a real candle.
Stephen M.
The Wick Lamp is awesome! Definitely an unnecessary splurge but I am a sucker for all things lighting/ambience related. My wife saw this in a boutique and after finding it online I had to pull the trigger. In addition to looking awesome, I've actually gotten a lot of use out of it. I'm often the last to go to bed in my house, and it's nice for getting around without turning too many lights on and is more convenient/pleasant than my cellphone flashlight. As a reading light, the different bri...
Jennifer Q.
This is the perfect nightlight, table light, mood light. It's magical.
Michelle H.
Wick light was on a bridal registry of a friend. It did not disappoint!
Dennis R.