Rebecca M. review of Original Roll-On Oil / 8 ML  by Riddle Oil image 1 out of 1
Rebecca M.
Y’all this is the BEST smelling perfume oil! Legitimately I wanna bath in it! It’s a very clean but musky scent and I’m obsessed…it last for a good while but I end up rolling it more just bc I can’t get enough of it!
Astrid D.
Happy with this product and checkout and shipping process!
Julianna G.
I love it so much people commit on the sense right a way when i come into the room. I get more compliments i just love it so much.
Susan M.
I get so many compliments when I were this scent.
Alexandra V.
I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this unique oil! Everyone loves it and I could wear it every day!
Mary T.
This smells so good! Soft and clean.
Linda H.
Purchased this for my daughter, she received a sample in her FFF box and liked it so well she wanted a full size bottle. Great service, received the order in a timely manner.
Doree V.
My daughter just loves it and will probably ask for it again.
Darrel P.
The fragrance is wonderful.... I love it and my daughter was thrilled to receive it for Christmas !!
June P.
I received this in my Fab Fit Fun Box and fell in love with this scent. Just placed my order with Burke Decor . I can't wait until it arrives.