Kristen W. review of Vintage Finish Garden Shears, in Various Sizes image 1 out of 1
Kristen W.
These scissors are beautiful, but they're not the most functional. They're definitely a little "sticky" — but they're definitely vintage! The main reason I gave these 4 stars instead of 5 is that it took 6+ weeks for them to arrive. I hadn't realized they would take so long to ship out, and after a couple weeks followed up and learned it'd be another month before they were expected to be back in stock. I went back and checked my receipt and the website but never saw any mention of delayed ship...
Vicki L.
Love the garden scissors. I have the large and the small snips. I use them often in my garden (which is the reason I bought them). Bough a large pair in a gift shop and unfortunately lost them; decided to look them up and Burke had several sizes, so bought a replacement pair and the small pair also. My only "complaint" is the length of time it took to get them without anyone giving me a time to expect the delivery until I contacted them. All in all, love them, and am pleased.
Darlene U.
Garden shears are classic look for excellent price point. Unable to attest to quality of cut as not used at this time.
Jeffrey C.
Perfect pair of scissors for herb cutting-
Mary L.
Perfect for kitchen , herb clipping , wish I had the entire set !
Karen M.
Great for displaying with my garden stuff
Karen M.
Very cute
Alisa K.
Exactly what I was looking for and shipped fast!!
Pamela T.
Great quality sheers, has some weight to it and very sharp. It is hand forged and looks beautiful out on the table or potting bench.