Ian G. review of C62 Turntable System - Gray
Ian G.
Incredible value for the quality of the turntable and components, plus 2 stereo speakers. Sound is crisp with substantial bass. I'd recommend this to anyone considering a standalone turntable upgrade or a shelf system, and Burke has the best pricing I've found. Only critique is that the feet pictured in the listing don't match the actual shipping product, which included the anti-skate footings. Not a substantial difference, but not as advertised.
Toni B. review of C62 Turntable System - Gray
Toni B.
Love it!!!
Toni B. review of C62 Turntable System - Gray
Toni B.
Sleek, modern & we were blown away by the sound quality- great purchase and so worth the wait
April G.
This record player was my 18th birthday present and I couldn't be more pleased with it! We thought, based on previous reviews, that it was going to take months to arrive BUT it came RIGHT ON MY BIRTHDAY! It was such an amazing surprise and I love it SO much. Everything functions well, it's easy to use, it's absolutely beautiful and has great sound quality! Thank you so much!
Misti M.
This product is excellent, however, I ordered in early May and received it in late September.
Scott K.
Product is great. Looks and sounds amazing. Love that I can also connect via bluetooth. Customer service was a little frustrating. I originally ordered back in February and received it mid-september. I understand the production & supply issues everyone has but had to check in each month after the "new" delivery date went by. Again not a big deal but was taken back when I finally received an email saying I would get the product in Late September but HAD to keep my order and told not to try anoth...
Suzanne V.
Son was thrilled