Colleen J. review of Cubebot in Various Sizes & Colors
Colleen J.
Bought this for my almost 3 year old grandson. He loves it because he can move the robot to all different poises himself!
Heather H. review of Cubebot in Various Sizes & Colors
Heather H.
These cubebots are absolutely adorable! I got them in blue and red! Good decoration.
Zoe M.
Gave this to a 1.5 year old and both the kiddo and the parents were very pleased with it. The kiddo because of the lovely colors and seemingly infinite number of positions you can put the robot in. The parents because the pieces don't come apart and are bound together with internal elastic! A very cute toy that is durable, creative, and also looks good on a shelf.
Annette S.
Unique and well made
Kristine S.
It took me a few minutes to take the square block to the robot. I t was very cute! I got 2 sizes and liked them both. I t took me longer to change the robot back to a cube than it took to make the robot.
Wayne M.
Nice packaging and great product
Jessica G.
Grabbed these on sale for my kids, they’re super fun and cute. I got a mix of small and micro and they’re honestly bigger than I imagined which is great. My kids love figuring out how to get them back into cubes.
Agustin V.
Definitely a fun toy/puzzle for my child and for the grown ups. Definitely a good toy to fidget with as well, I had mistakenly ordered the multicolor robot, but after I received it, I actually am happy of the mistake. The colors are vibrant, and my kid loves it!
Yadira O.
My 8 yr old boy loves it. He shares it with his cousins. Very resistant rubber bands.
Ronnie S.
Fun gift for my great nephew!
Danielle D.
Quick, friendly service. Item exactly what I ordered. Daughter very happy.
Libby R.
Really loved by kid recipients!
Libby R.
Extremely enjoyed by kids
Deborah B.
Great, versatile, well-made!
Jim B.
Really cute, flexible toys. Was going to put them in kids' stockings, but decided to put in adults' stockings. Saved one for myself.
Anna D.
These are so cute and light quality! We think our boys will love them for a little Christmas gift
Elizabeth B.
I bought two cubebots for my grandsons and they were a big hit. The toy is very well made and it is amazing how many different ways you can twist and turn it. I highly recommend!
Danielle O.
My three boys love these! So much open free play and pretend boxing matches. Plus I love that they aren’t plastic and double as cool decor in their rooms.
Lorraine B.
Fun little fidget and a challenge too.
This is a gift for my grandson and I know when he gets it he will love it!