Jacqueline N. review of Animambo Rainstick image 1 out of 1
Jacqueline N.
Ordered three of the rainsticks and they are perfect! Well made and lovely sound. Very happy with this purchase!
Julia R. review of Animambo Rainstick image 1 out of 1
Julia R.
This rain stick is beautiful! Exactly what I was hoping for/ it makes an amazing significant but not too loud and really nice sound of rain and the length of it is perfect for it to take a little while. It feels soft and the paint is beautifully colored. We added it to our sensory bin for a calm down tool! Have been looking for a rain stick for a while and this was perfect!
Lao Y.
Colorful, smooth wood, great sound. Personally I use it on story time with my kid as rain sound or water, very happy with it.
Antje H.
Nice color and sound . My kids really like it
Vanessa S.
the sound it makes actually helps my kids calm down - it's our calm down toy lol
Andria S.
fun for toddlers!
Laura G.
Beautifully made