Calli A. review of Animambo Electronic Piano 18 Keys image 1 out of 1
Calli A.
We are a family of musicians and it's important to me that we provide high quality toys that promote an interest in music. This piano was perfect! I purposely chose a digital piano to ensure pitch accuracy and it's so great to be able to turn it off. The only thing I'd add - there were several errors in the sheet music that comes with it: wrong number of beats per measure, wrong symbol for note, etc. Not a big deal, so I didn't reflect it in my scoring, but something to be aware of if that's im...
Susan S. review of Animambo Electronic Piano 18 Keys image 1 out of 1
Susan S.
This piano is so perfect for my granddaughter! I was extremely pleased when I opened the box. For the price, a substantially well made and creatively painted piano with great sound! Perfect size. I am thrilled!!
Tamara W.
Outstanding quality of product!! Ordered December 7 as Christmas gift received February 15. Poor turnaround time.
Martha E.
Our granddaughter loves this!!
Karen E.
This is my second year of gifting this piano and I so loved it.. and I love the fast shipping service that they have...
Love the quality! The tone of the piano is fabulous and it is beautiful to look at too!
The tone from this piano defies it’s size. It sounds like an upright!
Lea P.
I bought this for my grandson for his birthday. It is adorable, just the right size and the sound is great! Very happy with my purchase.
Mary M.
Mickey W.
My granddaughter is 12 months old and she loves it! It is so cute and very well made. I also had a small issue and customer service was very helpful and resolved the issue easily. I have already purchased more items, one is a harmonica which is also great quality. I recommend this company and products.
Sharon S.
Our grandson will love it
Donna O.
Great piano
Rachel G.
The greatest thing about this is that it has an off switch. I wish the volume adjusted, but when I’ve had enough, I just turn it off. My kids love it and as a bonus, they can use it as a step to get out of the playpen.
Angelina T.
Absolutely ADORABLE. My eight month old loves playing with it, and I know that he will continue to enjoy it as he grows older. Very well made and looks great!
Frank I.
Great fun, Only negative, when child leans on top of piano, it toppled over.
Jessica L.
This piano is so beautiful! The sound is great for an electronic piano. We are very happy with our purchase.