Emily L. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Emily L.
Love the Pura diffuser! So easy to use and navigate the app. Love coming home to fresh scents without having to light a candle.
J. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Love how it makes the house smell fresh! I turn it off at night to save the fragrance for when I can enjoy it. Just bought a second one for upstairs.
Jessica W. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Jessica W.
Love that I can control how much fragrance is dispensed. My husband likes soft fragrance and this is perfect even at level one. We have a two story home and I put the Pura on the lower level hallway. The fragrance drifts throughout my home. Definitely recommend it over candles.
Maria M. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Maria M.
My husband tells me every day that my house smells great ! I lov it. Just Ordered two more
Bridget P. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Bridget P.
Love it, it has a nice smell that you can control on your phone and you can purchase other scents for a reasonable price
Kelly E. review of Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser
Kelly E.
Love this air freshener. It has awesome scents plus using my phone to control the settings is awesome! Yay!
Linda S.
I bought several for my home and more for gifts for the upcoming holiday season.
Sarah C.
Love the Pura starter set so much! I don’t even have to think about having bad smells anymore because this thing does all of the work for me! Even bought one as a gift for my sister
Diana C.
Great item and wonderful scents. A bit overpriced from original Pura website so will be ordering more scents there
Grace M V.
Susan Z.
The Pura Diffuser is a Christmas gift. It was a fantastic surprise!!
Emily L.
Quick delivery and great product! Love the Pura device and want one in each room now
Saylor W.
Quick delivery and pretty package for gifts.
Bridget M.
Love it!
Myra R.
My experience was not a good one! It took 36 days for my order to be received. Not acceptable!
Amy M.
Gave this as a gift to my sister - just perfect!
Julie D.
Great product!
Tom L.
Smells so good!
Tina S.
Bought one for my home office. Like it so much, I moved it to the front area and bought another for upstairs with the same scents, now my entire house smells lovely. I have both programmed to stop when there is no activity so we're not overpowered by scents and don't burn through the pods as quickly. Cleaner than candles.
Mona P.
He product shipped quickly and was packaged very nicely. Unfortunately, I can't review the actual product, as it is a Christmas gift.