Kim A.
Loved it - Adorable
Lorie H.
so cute
Sandra B.
It is a great book and fun for all ages!
Barbara S.
Sandra H.
One of the most simple, sweet, beautifully illustrated books ever crafted. And the message is profound: we all may look at someone or something & see them/ it completely differently but both points of view are correct. Every child & home should have a copy of this darling book.
Frances H.
I bought three books. I gave one to 3 different families. All of the kids loved it!! I love it!!
Luceli C.
Such a cute book!
Chris B.
Happy to have found this book on your website, just what I was looking for.
Diane D.
This book was a GIFT and I haven’t received A REVIEW!
Steven G.
I ordered this book for my grandkids and it's a huge hit. They take turns reading to themselves and then one of them reads it for my wife and I.
Rebecca B.
This is the cutest book I bought for my grand baby! Since the pictures are black and white I"m sure she will enjoy these from infant to toddler and on. .
Jane G.
Precious Book! But came crinkled in corner
Charlene S.
The sweetest lil book i ever have read to my grand babies πŸ’— πŸ’™πŸ’—
Tene J.
My foster daughters loved me reading the book to them- especially the 3 year old. She wanted me to read it again right after I finished(smiling).
Barb B.
When our granddaughter is at our house, we read books. I saw Duck! Rabbit! and reviewed it and decided it should be a part of our 'library'. This book happens to be a favorite now. Who doesn't like guessing if it is a duck or rabbit! The illustrations are simplistic yet so wonderful. I can absolutely see why this is a best seller.
Teresa F.
Great book for little children. Things are not always as we them.
Alicia K.
Cute books! Bought 3 to use as gifts at a time when I could not find this book at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. Burke came through!
Tammi H.
My precious 2 years old granddaughter loves when we read to her. So she has a pretty large collection of books. Admittedly I hadn't heard of this one until I saw Meghan Markle reading it to her son Archie. It was such a cute story that I had to have it for my granddaughter. And she loves it. So does my beautiful daughter in law. It fits are family. It's almost a conversation I could see my son and my daughter in law having. Highly recommend it.
Anna M.
Silly and funny tale or duck/rabbit.
Susan C.
My grandchildren (ages 3-8) love this book. It is so clever!