Tearrance C. review of Self-Watering Pots in Various Sizes image 1 out of 1
Tearrance C.
The pot looks nice, but if you fill it completely with water it keeps the soil really really wet. It’ll work best with a plant that needs lots of moisture. Unfortunately I found this out too late.
David F. review of Self-Watering Pots in Various Sizes image 1 out of 1
David F.
This is nice but you can see it arrived with a default. It’s like it is a second.
Ahmed Z. review of Self-Watering Pots in Various Sizes image 1 out of 1
Ahmed Z.
Love it. It's great and simple.
Arlene B.
I have four of these pots that I have had for about 20 years. I love them. This one is smaller than I expected but otherwise the same. The thing I disliked was that it took me five months to get it.
Sharon D.
Love this flower pot! It's exactly what I was looking for. I liked it so much I ordered the medium and large pot as well.
Ping L.
I read reviews and know there are some complaints about how long it took for things to ship but I received my items. I have to say that Burke Decor's packing was the best as I had ordered the same item in the larger sizes from different sellers and they invariably arrived broken and had to be replaced. Not a single one of the planters I ordered from Burke arrived damaged! No complaints about the planter or Burke Decor, only kudos!
Jessica G.
The planters are beautiful. Very striking. The self-watering feature s great! My plants are doing great. And it self-regulates, adapting to the humidity level - so when my house is drier from the heat being on, they use more water.
Doug S.
I’ve never seen orchids so happy!
Luciana P.
Love these pots! This is my second small size purchase and I have two more sizes on the way. I plan on transplanting as many plants as I can into these!
Victoria B.
These are hands down the best pots I have used. Attractive. Easy to clean & fertilize in. My AV's have never looked better or happier! I am up to 8 and will transition all my plants over. HIGHLY recommend them!
Susan M.
Ordered for a Christmas gift, they were long delayed, but worth waiting for.
Michelle D.
I bought 2 of the extra small size pots. They are beautiful, but I thought they kept the soil too moist. They may work better if the water level is lower. I had them filled to the top. They also may work better if you have a larger size pot since there will be a lot more dirt to keep moist.
Gina L.
Nice piece but took over 2 months to actually get it with repeated emails asking where it was. Won’t order from this place again.
Constance B.
Love this pot! My herbs love it too! Growing strong and fast!
Heather J.
Excellent product. I will purchase more in the future. It makes my life so much easier if I don’t have to water every week!