Konner S. review of Animambo Synthesizer
Konner S.
My son loves it. It’s a beautiful design, too!
Lacey L. review of Animambo Synthesizer
Lacey L.
The sound is really great. My 16 mo old is very musically inclined and has loved playing on the organ sound. We are excited to show him the symbols above the keys and the corresponding song cards to teach him to play in a few more months. The quality is really excellent having other piano/keyboard/synthesizers in the past this one is definitely the best.
Lorraine M. review of Animambo Synthesizer
Lorraine M.
Good sound. Easy for 14 month old to press keys. She likes it. Each button for the different instruments play a sample tune. It would be nice if the demo played a little longer, as she likes the music. Well made and seems pretty sturdy. Glad we purchased it!
Oksana S. review of Animambo Synthesizer
Oksana S.
My 16months old son is obsessed with this little music piano, so worth to get one!
Bart C.
Great gift for my 3 year old granddaughter!
Bryan L.
Awesome little keyboard. Packs a great sound for the size and can play multiple sounds. Great for kids..... and even for a small travel piano
Elodie P.
It's a perfect gift, fast shipping, great packaging. Thank you!
Meagan R.
Great toddler piano at an excellent price! I purchased this for my three year old daughter who loves music. She had phased out from the Baby Einstein piano some time ago and I searched various options for a more age appropriate piano. I was happy to find this one. She loves that she can place it in her lap as she plays it and carry it from room to room. Other pianos for her age required her be stationery and that is not ideal for a three year old. I love the music cards that came with it to ...