Oksana S. review of Animambo Ukulele image 1 out of 1
Oksana S.
Omg such an amazing product and quality, both of my sons- 4 and 1 year old playing with it literally every day, so lovely😍
Ping J.
I ordered two items but you only sent me one 😂 it has been over a month! It was supposed to be my daughter’s birthday gifts!!
Jim K.
So this review is more for the service. The item wasn't exactly what I was expecting and customer service was very accommodating to get things resolved. Appreciate how easy they were to work with.
Samantha B.
Bought this as a 3rd birthday present for my son and he loves it!
Stephanie N.
Although this is an okay ukelele for young kids, it’s very difficult to tune, does not have good sound quality and we ended up restringing it, needing to tighten all the bolts to be able to tune it, etc. That being said my kids still love it, it’s a great toy, and it’s still a great price for what you get! Just have reasonable expectations given the price!
Linda K.
A six year old loved it. She is practicing every day.
January K.
Great instrument for my toddler
Richard A.
I have a disabled, wheelchair-bound 11-year-old grandson who lives with me. He has difficulty using his hands properly, particularly his left hand. Somehow, he is fascinated with string instruments, so for his birthday (6/18), we bought him a kids' guitar and a kids' banjo. B-U-T, he still wanted a yukulele for its particular sound. I tried local stores and had no luck. Than I thought to do a computer search and that's when I found your offering! Thanks to these instruments, he has learned to st...
Jessica Z.
Our 2.5 year old twins LOVE their guitar.
Susan H.
I've been told... My Grand-daughter LOVES her new uke! I've been promised a ZOOM session soon! Thanks so much for this great product!!!