Tammy G.
Got here couple months to late. But very cute!
Lindsay T.
Bought this cutie for my little, perfect stocking stuffer for my music loving kiddo
Laura T.
An adorable instrument that is super difficult to blow! This may or may not be a plus.😉
Hollis H.
My grandchildren loved the colorful, well built harmonicas.
Ai G.
Kids love it!
Marzanna B.
Great harmonica, thank you.
Judith H.
This was so cheerful. Not for the serious harmonica protege but perfect for my 2 year old grandchild.
Tene J.
My one year old and three year old girls loved the harmonica. It was easy for the three year old to blow into it to create "music", but the one year got a bit frustrated when she wasn't able to blow into the harmonica and soon lost interest in it...😁