Alaina L. review of Mika Rug in Green & Mist by Loloi image 1 out of 1
Alaina L.
Absolutely LOVE my rug. Green was a tough color to find and this rug does it so well - beautiful color and design. I also love the look of the texture, it lays flat (that little curl in the picture was gone in a couple hours), and the size was a hair skinnier and longer than most typical rug sizes which worked so much better with the size and shape of my table. Completely recommend. Do not hesitate. Buy this rug.
Jaci A.
I was kind of skeptical ordering from this website just based off of the thousands of mixed reviews. When I ordered, the confirmation email said it could take about 8 weeks, and a lot of the customer reviews stated that it was taking MONTHS for their items to come in, but I ordered anyway because I was in no rush to get the rug in. I ordered it on June 8th and had little expectation that I would see it any time before August; well, low and behold it is at my door only a week later! I can’t wait ...