Shannon M. review of Hourglasses in Assorted Colors image 1 out of 1
Shannon M.
Perfect timer for “playtime” with my daughter. Looks modern but adds some fun.
Delayne P.
It is a great addition to the desk in my guest bedroom. Love it.
Claudia P.
I got the orange. I love it!!!
Jodi W.
This is a beautiful hourglass; it's bigger than I thought and is so eye-catching in pink. I know what I'm buying people for birthday gifts all year!
Connie E.
I ordered the hourglass in October and it arrived early January. I understand shipment delays beyond your control. However, it would have made good business sense to contact me early on in November to let me know there was a delivery issue. Never once did I receive an email to that effect! Yet, every week I had Burke emails advertising your products. I would call Burke periodically to get an update. Not cool Burke.