Christine B. review of Calabria Table Lamp image 1 out of 1
Christine B.
This is a hefty, handsome lamp. The finish in the photo on the website appears to be a uniform terracotta. Look carefully at the photo. Unfortunately, the actual product appears to either have been damaged, or the result of crude "distressing", with white chip marks here and there over the surface. UGH. Since the map took forever to get here, and Burke is very difficult about returns, rather than ship the lamp back I am going to the art store to find a paint that will match the terracotta su...
Xinyue Z.
It's such a beautiful and artistic lamp !! I also have a very happy purchase experience – the lamp was back-ordered for a long time so I sent a bunch of follow-up emails to make sure it's on track, the service team did a great job explaining the situation patiently and thoroughly to me every single time.
Rebecca O.
Great looking lamp and nice quality! Upgraded our bedroom.