Whitney H. review of Fred Alarm Clock in Silicone Chocolate Black image 1 out of 1
Whitney H.
This clock is very handsome and has a lovely presence. We have it in the master bathroom, where I can keep an eye on time as I spend mornings getting ready. The clock is actually a bit larger than I expected! It's super clear and quick to read the time, and the color combination of the off-white face, dark hands, gold second hand, and brown exterior all contribute to a very attractive product. My only wish is that the clock had a little light in it so one could see the face in the dark, but in t...
Martin S. review of Fred Alarm Clock in Silicone Chocolate Black image 1 out of 1
Martin S.
This retro clock is silent and stylish to my decor but beside those features my sleep doesn't tick compare to my old faithful!!!
Virginia B.
This is a great looking clock! Color and size are perfect! My only complaint is that I wish the back was not open to show the battery. I had hoped the back would have a more finished look. Also did not know the clock was plastic. Would have been nice if it had been metal, but overall it is a nice looking clock and happy with my purchase.
Jacquie G.
Great quality clock! I was looking for a small, sophisticated clock for my bathroom countertop and it's the perfect fit. I also like that it's extremely quiet. You can hear a very, very slight motor noise while it's operating but not an annoying ticking sound. I'm very particular about this and it does not bother me one bit. So glad I paid a little more for this clock rather than settling for a cheaper one at a big box store that would either be too loud or would stop working after a short ...
Maria C.
Charming clock - perfect in our guest room!