Francis   . review of Netted Hammock
Francis .
Received the hammock 15 days after payment Package complete and in accordance to advertisement (measurements, color,...). I have already briefly tested the hammock in the field; it passed the test without problems! Although I am quite heavy (+95 kgs) it supported my weighth without a flinch! The hammock is quite wide, which is important if you want to use it in a slightly diagonal position (the most comfortable position for sleeping more or less flat, instead of bent like a banana which is very ...
Blair H. review of Netted Hammock
Blair H.
I've had this hammock for about half a year now, and I liked it just fine, but recently I started to really love it. I've been relaxing out in the forest while deer flies buzz uselessly outside the mesh. I hate it when the warm weather brings out those biting flies, but now I can laugh at them from the refuge of my hammock. Other thoughts: The mesh looks delicate, but if you don't abuse it you'll be fine. I haven't had any tears, even after many months of use, even camping in it.
Alex J. review of Netted Hammock
Alex J.
So far I've spent one night out in this hammock and it was VERY comfortable. Lots of reading material online about how to properly setup and transition from tent to hammock. Even bought a second one for my son who slept in the next tree over from me... We both enjoyed our night in the hammocks.
Phillipe D. review of Netted Hammock
Phillipe D.
I freaking LOVE this hammock. After trying several different hammocks, this one tops them all. Price is right, hammock is strong, lightweight and comfortable. I would definitely buy this again, but I will never need to, because this hammock will never fail.
Grant M. review of Netted Hammock
Grant M.
I took this camping for a week, and it was fantastic! It shrinks down to almost nothing, setup was a breeze, and I was laying in it in under a minute. The only issue I had is that the font edge was a little tight so when I put my legs over the edge, most of the pressure on my legs was along that front line of the hammock. Easy enough to fix as I just put a towel over the edge to cushion it a little. Otherwise, I had no issues. I even wore my shoes in it and was pushing myself around trying to ...
Sarah L. review of Netted Hammock
Sarah L.
So glad we bought this for our camping trip. I can't believe how small this packs down. It's incredibly sturdy and held up my 6'3" husband and myself super well. The only problem is that our girls took it over the first day camping. Buying another one today!
Tyson L. review of Netted Hammock
Tyson L.
This is a must have for camping! Very easy to set up and very sturdy.
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