Melissa  P. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Melissa P.
Thanks so much I love it! Works great and looks so neat and elegant, fast shipping too
Karine C. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Karine C.
I used it to remove the plaque and stain on my teeth, works very well and it's quite easy to use. I highly recommend watching a few youtube videos before using it. It's definitely not hard to use, but some times you may want to make sure you do it the right way. Definitely a great product to have, the quality of this is very solid, has the feel of professional types of equipment.
Rick M. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Rick M.
My girlfriend bought this and I've been using it more than her LOL, it's super convenient, I use it maybe once a week, enough to remove my coffee stains. I drink multiple coffees every day and it showed on my teeth. I've seen a lot of improvement since. Thanks CleanOral. I recommend it.
A. Jongejan review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
A. Jongejan
I'm really meticulous about my oral health, I floss daily and brush twice a day, but I still get a little plaque build up between my front teeth, which is frustrating! I decided to give this little gadget a try and I really like it! It vibrates really fast and takes the plaque build up right off!! I don't even have to use it daily, I've used it about once a week, and it does a great job!
Jasmine K. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Jasmine K.
This product is great. It helps to remove the stains and build up in between my teeth in those hard to reach places. Even I floss everyday, still not able to get it all out. I was not able to do it right at the first time, but after a few trys and getting to the right angle, I finally got to remove those ugly stain and tartar.
Daisey F. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Daisey F.
I have crooked teeth, so I get bad breathe. Therefore, I bought water flosser, which did not completely get the plaque out. So, I decided to give it a try. I can say that this has definitely removed more plaque than water flosser. At first I was unsure if it might rub my teeth too much and make the teeth thin, but the scrapping is not bad enough to rub on the teeth to make it thin. My teeth has become whiter than before.
Susan & Bill review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Susan & Bill
This flosser, tooth cleaner works really well. It is great for the home. It is also easy to use and compact enough to pack in a suitcase. We used to use a water flosser, tooth cleaner that sat on the vanity. It took up a lot of room so we stopped using it. This flosser, tooth cleaner is so convenient. We can leave it on the vanity or put it in a drawer. We are so happy we found it. Now we use the tooth cleaner every day.
Jessica B. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Jessica B.
I am so impressed and highly recommend this device. It looks pretty and works really powerful. It does fantastic job of removing stain and has buttons to adjust vibrations. Really easy and simple to use. I feel my mouth much cleaner and fresher than before after first using it. Well worth the money
Customer review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
fast shipping great quality thx
Roy H. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Roy H.
I alyways try a lot of products to keep my teeth in good condition. This product is definitely one of my favorites!! I'm glad I got it, I recommend
Frank Y. review of CleanOral™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Frank Y.
It took me some time to get used to. But once I got the hand of it, cleaning the back of my teeth was a breeze
Very cool and healthy.
L H.
I just order mine. Hope it work.ill let y'all know the truth to this.
Jill W.
Never experience
It took me about 5 minutes to accomplish what I bought this for. It definitely works like it says it does. I would recommend this product to anyone that hasn't seen a dentist in a while
Cassie P.
Definitely does the trick was really surprised and happy with how well this works. I should of taken a before and after pic I had really bad stains on the back of my teeth and this has removed them, super happy with the results highly recommend this product
terrence t.
I love it, it gets everything off your teeth. The yellow doesn't stand a chance.
Margie S.
My teeth feel smooth and clean.
Pun S.
Would definitely try this product! Excited with these reviews!
Rachel B.
This is so very easy to use. I love it. I love how I get the straight from the dentist clean right at home in my bathroom. My son also uses it and loves it. I really need another. With me hating going to the dentist, this is perfect for me. I don't hear the drill at home. I love how I can scrape and clean between my teeth without the unneccessary pain and bleeding. That is one thing I hated about the dentist. My teeth are plaque free after I use this and I love it.