W     m review of Ultimate Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves
W m
The L size glove fit very well. These is warm and wind stop. I’m not sure whether it is still warm when cycling but it works very well when jogging. Worth it. I’m so happy to have it at this price. Definitely worth it
G   y review of Ultimate Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves
G y
Comfortable for biking. It’s great product as this price. Fit well and comfortable. Well made. Nice look too.
S    o review of Ultimate Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves
S o
Great quality, warm and well made! Purchased just before winter started. I would need some warm gloves which I could use while out photographing and shoveling snow. They are pretty warm and well-made. Love them!
K   y review of Ultimate Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves
K y
These gloves feel very well made. They are comfortable and the neoprene is also under the zipper keeping it waterproof. The touchscreen works very well. I'm using them at work on wet, rainy days.
J     r review of Ultimate Waterproof and Windproof Thermal Gloves
J r
Exactly what I expected for gloves at this price point: Fits according to the sizing chart, warm enough for mild winter days (think around 30 degrees Fahrenheit), and wind resistant on blustery days. The touch screen compatible fingers work. I could do without the sewn on "WINDS STOPPER DL", but I guess that adds to the charm. I enjoy them as much as my Head brand gloves that I am replacing. Highly recommend.
L c
Initially I bought these gloves for riding my road bike. They showed up and fit my hands well. The grip is very good and I like the color very much. Then I realized that I could operate my phone with the gloves on. They work on the touchscreens! Wow! Then I wear them to jog, play soccer and drive in the winter weather. They become almost all purpose gloves for me. They are beyond my expectations.
C e
These gloves are very soft and nice. I like how it has the zipper to give you a little more space if needed. They also feel warm so this would be a great purchase for bike riding in the cold. My husband loves them so I don’t regret my purchase!
O r
These gloves are awesome - they really feel like a $50 pair of gloves. I love them. So far, very durable too as I cut wood on the weekends and they’ve held up well.
G e
Yesterday it was pouring down in Brooklyn. I walked for 20 mins maybe more with these gloves on my hand then took them off. My hand was dry. I had bags so my hands were out in the rain getting soaked. My head was soaked, my feet were soaked but my hands were dry. Waterproof, windproof, it is TRUTH. in snow time just put a hand warmer inside and keep it moving because that is all you'll need. These gloves give you exactly what they say. I love them and I would endorse them definitely to my family...