Jennie J. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Jennie J.
FYI I'm a dental hygienist - I’ve tried the unit out with my personal retainers and I am very happy with it. I typically would just use retainer cleansing tablets in water but would find I would need to scrub them afterwards (which is usually discouraged to prevent micro-scratches) and with this unit they came out perfectly clean!
Lucy G. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Lucy G.
Love my new Zima! I can’t believe how clean it gets the retainer, I was shocked, would highly recommend. I can’t do without it now. Well worth the price tag.
Christian L. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Christian L.
I'd get ulcers regularly before using the Dental pod. I could never get my aligners feeling clean enough with a brush and hated putting them back in after eating as they tasted horrible. This is an essential in my opinion.
Holly G. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Holly G.
I bought the Zima Dental Pod about a year ago when I got aligners to correct my teeth. I wanted something that would keep them shiny and clean and also disinfected. I cannot recommend the dental pod enough! It keeps my aligners looking like brand new and it’s so easy to use. I even bought one for my husband for his Invisalign retainer that had years of build up on it and it has cleaned it significantly. I recently had to wear the same trays for six weeks while I was waiting for my refinement tra...
Russell C. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Russell C.
Bought the Dental pod after using the Zima Go for a few months. Both 5* - I'll be telling my dentist about Zima!
Karen review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 2+1
I’ve used the dental pod from my first Invisalign trays (after reading reviews from so many people who wished they had bought one sooner!) and it has been amazing at keeping my aligners crystal clear, my teeth stain free and my breath smelling fresh. My dentist owns one too and has commented on how sparkling my trays always are! It’s quick and easy to use and I love the sleek design, and the fact I can match my black pod with my Waterpik and toothbrush. The customer service has been brilliant to...
Kerri L. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Kerri L.
I love this thing and WISH I would have had it when I was doing my full Invisalign treatment. I just knew that tablets weren't doing enough to clean my night guard trays. I feel so much better now that I have Zima.
Amy review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Recommend to me by my dentist after having Invisalign. I use it once every day as part of my morning routine.
Leslie H. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Leslie H.
I kept seeing ads on IG for this product. I finally decided to purchase it since I have retainers. Today for the first time, I used it to clean my retainers. Wow wow wow!!! I thought my retainers were clean before, but within 5 minutes, they looked brand new. It is a must and worth every penny. There is one other thing I want to point out is the customer service. I had a question as I awaited my dental pod and sent an email after 10pm ET. Shortly after 11pm ET (same night), they responded. When ...
Sarah review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Wow wow wow!! Blown away by how well this works. My retainers were stained yellow after wearing them at night for 6 months, and they are practically back to looking brand new. Really impressed - well worth the money!
Bradley T. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Bradley T.
Everyone says I have white teeth but I think there yellow but I keep using the pod to see if they will work in the nearest future
Laura C. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Laura C.
Was a little skeptical about purchasing after seeing this advertised on Instagram but could not be any more satisfied with my Dental Pod, arrived within the time frame, came in a lovely box which I can use to store the device (always can tell a lot about a product by the packaging) came with an actual cable & plug not just a USB lead & 8 sterilising tablets. After having extreme dental work done over the last 15 years and using multiple different mouth retainers to ensure my teeth stay aligned a...
Marsha N. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Marsha N.
I am elated at how well this appliance cleans my Invisalign retainer. I had no idea how dirty it was until I cleaned it with this. I always just brushed my retainers and called it good. How wrong I was. I just wish this would have been around when I was wearing my Invisalign braces. But I’m glad to have it now. Order it, you will Not be disappointed, it is not a scam!
Sonia J. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Sonia J.
This things the perfect bathroom companion. I always cleaned my Invisalign retainers daily so I thought they were pretty clean, granted there was a little buildup that was hard to get out of certain crevices. I’ve had my dental pod for one week and they look like they’re practically new again! I’m extremely happy with the purchase!
Samantha H. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Samantha H.
I was so sceptical when I purchased this bit I can confidently say it works!! This is after one clean. I tried to get the dentist to clean them but they would only do it every 6 months. This product is amazing.
Samantha K. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Samantha K.
Just started Invisalign treatment and this saves so much time each morning. Pop in a tablet and put it on and then rinse the retainers. Well worth the money to save on time and effort. There is no way I would go back to cleaning with a toothbrush.
Alice M. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Alice M.
I’d broken a retainer recently (from general wear but also honestly probably bad cleaning..!). After splashing out to buy a replacement was really keen to invest in something to keep my new one clean. This pod is unbelievable! The new retainer had already gotten a little sad-looking from just a few weeks of use but after several days of pod cleaning it looks like it did when it was brand new. I think it’s also kept my teeth looking whiter. So glad I’m not having to keep putting a grotty old...
Bette P. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Bette P.
I tried everything and this dental pod was most last hope. I’m so pleased with this product from my initially opening of the parcel ( it’s beautifully packaged) and the pod itself is a simple elegant design which I’ll happily leave out on my bathroom bench. It’s super easy to use and cleans effectively. I was ready to toss out my retainer as the look of it was terrible. After the initial clean ( I did it twice as it was truly gross) I’m so pleased and wish I had known about this years ago! Thank...
Peter G. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Peter G.
Look at the difference from one clean! My Invisalign retainer was only two months old but already cloudy and brushing it was doing nothing. I'm not usually the kind of person to endorse products online but this thing is NEXT LEVEL. Very happy customer :)
Tina R. review of Dental Pod image 1 out of 1
Tina R.
have had Invisalign for 4 months. I would spend 5+ minutes each night brushing each tray to get them clean and not cloudy. I dreaded my night routine to clean them. Now I pop them into the dental pod, and they come out sparkling. No more brushing. If they still have cloudy material on them I run it through a second time. they look like the first time I put them in. I love my dental pod. It works fantastic.