Marsha N. review of Dental Pod
Marsha N.
I am elated at how well this appliance cleans my Invisalign retainer. I had no idea how dirty it was until I cleaned it with this. I always just brushed my retainers and called it good. How wrong I was. I just wish this would have been around when I was wearing my Invisalign braces. But I’m glad to have it now. Order it, you will Not be disappointed, it is not a scam!
Sonia J. review of Dental Pod
Sonia J.
This things the perfect bathroom companion. I always cleaned my Invisalign retainers daily so I thought they were pretty clean, granted there was a little buildup that was hard to get out of certain crevices. I’ve had my dental pod for one week and they look like they’re practically new again! I’m extremely happy with the purchase!
Samantha H. review of Dental Pod
Samantha H.
I was so sceptical when I purchased this bit I can confidently say it works!! This is after one clean. I tried to get the dentist to clean them but they would only do it every 6 months. This product is amazing.
Samantha K. review of Dental Pod
Samantha K.
Just started Invisalign treatment and this saves so much time each morning. Pop in a tablet and put it on and then rinse the retainers. Well worth the money to save on time and effort. There is no way I would go back to cleaning with a toothbrush.
Alice M. review of Dental Pod
Alice M.
I’d broken a retainer recently (from general wear but also honestly probably bad cleaning..!). After splashing out to buy a replacement was really keen to invest in something to keep my new one clean. This pod is unbelievable! The new retainer had already gotten a little sad-looking from just a few weeks of use but after several days of pod cleaning it looks like it did when it was brand new. I think it’s also kept my teeth looking whiter. So glad I’m not having to keep putting a grotty old...
Bette P. review of Dental Pod
Bette P.
I tried everything and this dental pod was most last hope. I’m so pleased with this product from my initially opening of the parcel ( it’s beautifully packaged) and the pod itself is a simple elegant design which I’ll happily leave out on my bathroom bench. It’s super easy to use and cleans effectively. I was ready to toss out my retainer as the look of it was terrible. After the initial clean ( I did it twice as it was truly gross) I’m so pleased and wish I had known about this years ago! Thank...
Peter G. review of Dental Pod
Peter G.
Look at the difference from one clean! My Invisalign retainer was only two months old but already cloudy and brushing it was doing nothing. I'm not usually the kind of person to endorse products online but this thing is NEXT LEVEL. Very happy customer :)
Tina R. review of Dental Pod
Tina R.
have had Invisalign for 4 months. I would spend 5+ minutes each night brushing each tray to get them clean and not cloudy. I dreaded my night routine to clean them. Now I pop them into the dental pod, and they come out sparkling. No more brushing. If they still have cloudy material on them I run it through a second time. they look like the first time I put them in. I love my dental pod. It works fantastic.
Cindy U. review of Dental Pod
Cindy U.
This little machine is amazing. I was sceptical at first but thought I’d order one and give it a go. I use it for cleaning my occlusal splint. It has never been cleaner. Buy one - you won’t regret it!
Mandy L. review of Dental Pod
Mandy L.
I’ll be honest, I was skeptical but nothing I was doing to clean my retainers seemed to work. I game Zima a try. My retainers were pretty gross, though. I cleaned 2 times over the course of an hour. I took photos in between cleaning out the pod for reference and then I did a before and after. This is the only item that has worked and I recommend. Health starts with the mouth and this is an amzing product to keep you on track.
Skye K. review of Dental Pod
Skye K.
I bought a dental pod, a couple of years ago and it was the best purchase made to look after my teeth guard. It cleans the guard way better than a standard toothbrush and paste. It’s easy and simple to use and still looks amazing on my counter. Well worth the money.
Kara M. review of Dental Pod
Kara M.
I was skeptical at first, but upon one use this dental pod turned out to be a lifesaver! Cleaned my retainers better than any other product I’ve ever used before. After just one use, removed years of stains!
Katie M. review of Dental Pod
Katie M.
Love it! I’ve only been using it a few days and couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. I’ve worn night guards for years and they always get scratched and cloudy from the toothbrush (and never this clean) - really amazing product!
Dani R. review of Dental Pod
Dani R.
This thing is awesome!! My retainers have been looking pretty cloudy and gross and no matter how I try to clean them, they never look clean enough for me. They look way better now. The stuff that was caked on is gone. I even took my old purple retainers out of the case they’ve been in for the last year. I was shocked how gross they looked, but they honestly look brand new now!
Melissa W. review of Dental Pod
Melissa W.
Love how clean my retainers look 💜
Kelsie K. review of Dental Pod
Kelsie K.
Although my night guard is 5+ years old, a ton of the perma-crust has come off! Plus the nasty smell from bacteria is gone! I put googly eyes on my pod because he's such a friendly little helper!
Lydia H. review of Dental Pod
Lydia H.
Works as described, I’ve officially stopped brushing my trays. All you need is the pod, some water and a cleaning tab if you need a boost. Done and fresh!
Sabren F. review of Dental Pod
Sabren F.
Wasn’t sure if it would work on my thick mouth guard but am delighted to day it works AMAZING. Put it in every morning and it’s sparkling clean. Can’t imagine ever going back to brushing
Laura K. review of Dental Pod
Laura K.
Love my Dental pod, cleans amazingly and looks great ☺️
Ashton D. review of Dental Pod
Ashton D.
Before photos on top, after photos on bottom. These photos were after only the first 5-minute cleaning, and wow! Very satisfied with my purchase