Great looking shoe, but they were too short so I returned it and was sent another pair same size which I sent back also. I was charged for 2 pairs of shoes and refunded for 1 pair 2 months ago, according to PayPal Credit. Requesting refund for second pair that was returned.
Subtil bone movement with noticeable yet bearable discomfort. Continued use has resulted in toes able to flare without difficulty or me pulling them apart. When I'm sitting watching television, I put them on and just let it do its job. So grateful for this non-invasive tool.
David P.
Had never used a pair of wrist wraps but off the bat I can confidently say they are with me now on every gym session that I need them for. My wrists feel so much more stability and support during heavy lifts and I am genuinely happy with how comfortable they feel (and how badass they look!).
Kynam N.
Comfy fit. Felt great
Angeles S.
My son love LOVES these! Ordered a second pair so that he can alternate wear. The sole did come off a bit and he had to glue it but in all fairness, he wears them for 7-10 hours a day outside!!! He doesn’t wear them to climb in though.
Thomas V.
Best footwear for gym, walking, foot relief
undefined review of Ursus Low-Top image 1 out of 1
Garret G.
They’ve held up well after 6 months of regular use. Great for lifting, but I also wear them just as a daily shoe, even done some hiking in them. After a couple months, the top fabric layer of the insole started wearing down, and as shown in the picture, it’s pretty torn up now, but it’s not noticeable to me when I wear them. They are still very comfortable. Great shoe that holds up well to whatever you can throw at it
Mitchell E.
Best proprioception sturdy barefoot style shoes from heavy gym use to everyday use
Kent W.
Best shoe for me to wear. I wear them more than I wear my Hokas.
Logan D.
This is the *P E R F E C T* shoe for any occasion. I absolutely refuse to take these off!
Michael H.
These are great. It’s taking time to get used to them
David B.
I've been wearing barefoot shoes for about 7 years, vivo, Merrell etc. hands down my favorite shoe I've ever worn. Hand made leather, the amount of effort and time just put in the play on words with emails about your order it's status etc. this company is one I will invest in for life as it's pure quality. You get what you pay for and id buy these again 100 times.
Juan C.
I was going to use them for the gym but I tried them in the bedroom , they were better than hospital socks ! 5 stars
William T.
Great product
Jordan K.
Awesome! Rugged, all leather anatomical shaped shoe. Love it
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 3+2
Sean C.
Took these out on a camping trip on their first maiden voyage and they did not disappoint. Hiked about 3 miles with no issues or hot spots and they held up to some rain and wet grass without issue. Basically just brushed them off after the trip and they look like new. They feel wonderful and allow my toes to spread wide and not feel cramped up. I’ve tried all types including Lems which are nice but these feel better on my feet. The leather seems super durable and the soles feel like they will h...
I would first like to put this out there, bearfoot shoe has THE BEST FREAKING ! customer service I have ever experienced. I didn’t have to jump thru 10 hoops to get my sizing right and correct a quality control issue with one of the shoes I received. There was no question asked just sent over a couple of pics, explained the issue and my return got approved. Sorry my review took so long but thank you Bearfoot you guys are amazing. It’s been about 4 months and I have noting but positive experie...
This is my second pair I absolutely love them.
Very comfortable. Exactly what I was looking for in a weight lifting shoe.
Well made and comfortable. They are a big help in rehabbing and strengthening my feet. Holding up very well after a few months of very heavy use.
James F.
I have been wearing the Ursus for more than a couple months now and I love the shoes! Very comfortable but I have also been wearing barefoot style shoes for almost 5 years now. Sizing is good, I would probably go up a size though if you're unsure, did have an exchange, the customer service with it was great! I would say these are probably my favorite so far in the shoe category compared to other brands I have tried. Only one other brand might have a slightly higher rating from me but they were ...
Comfortable and grippy stock wear for dead lifting and around the house.
Love these shoes so comfortable wear them for lifting and casual wear. Normally wear 12 2E, with bear foot I had to up size to 131/2 but fit great. I measured my foot with tape measurement in cm to get the right size
The shoes fit very well, feel extremely light and comfortable.
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 2+1
Sean C.
Finally getting around to writing a review on these Bruins! The customer service was on point and they went above and beyond to help me size to a perfect fit. I have been trying these out for a few weeks now and they are probably the most comfy boots I own and I have a lot of boots, Lems, RedWings, Arcteryx, etc. I love the way my foot feels in these and have full movement of my toes. The leather smells great and looks great. Once these mold to your feet they are super comfy. I got to take...
Feel great when they are on. Definitely easier to put on the second time over the first, the smallest toe is just a little long for my toes, but all in all a great purchase!
I LOVE these boots. I wore them today and these boots look good and are very comfortable with my style. I love Bearfoot products and I have 2 more shoes heading my way. Thank you for these awesome products!!
undefined review of Ursus Suede High-Top image 1 out of 1
Rebecca H.
I have always been a barefoot deadlifting girlie. Until I tried Bearfoot shoes. They’re so soft, so comfy and fit just right! I can’t wait to move some heavy weight with these. Thanks Bearfoot - you guys are awesome!
undefined review of Ursus Suede Low-Top image 1 out of 1
Matt M.
I've had these for just over a month now. At first, they take a bit of getting used to. The lower profile forces different foot and ankle recruitment. But, once I got used to them, I could and will not go back to training with so-called regular shoes. When working lower body - sled pushes, lunges, stair climbs - my feet grip the floor better, giving me a feeling of more stability and drive in my feet. That in turn has increased strength and stability in my feet, ankles, and calves. One do...
Best shoe for our feet
I noticed the benefit!!!!
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Jeff W.
My Bruins have been working cattle, hiking through the Colorado mountains and even fighting a small brush fire. THE most comfortable and durable boots I’ve had in a long time. Love ‘em.
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Ryan P.
I was skeptical at first. These boots felt too tight but I knew I ordered the right size. I took the gamble, tried them on and basically haven't take them off since. I work in timber frame construction and I need a rugged boot that can handle the environment I'm in most of the time. I hate getting sawdust in my boot so the fact that you can cinch up the top to avoid that irritating itch is one of the best features. My socks stay dust free and the flexibility my feet have is unmatched. I am u...
Comfortable , can feel the difference in feet and toes .
Cameron O.
I do like working out in them. Also I can sneak around the house like a ninja, work great around the new baby
undefined review of Foot Manual (E-Book) image 1 out of 1
Pavlo P.
Its really great to feel free
Alexander G.
Amazing product. I can feel the difference in my feet and legs even only after the first few days and I’m excited to watch it progress over time. I can’t believe that we spend thousands of dollars on shoes that destroy our feet over a lifetime and for $65 you can start fixing your feet immediately. I am forever grateful to this company for making a life changing product.
undefined review of Foot Manual (E-Book) image 1 out of 1
Kathleen O.
Love my correct toes For toe alignment and foot dexterity when working out.
Ward K.
The Bearfoot Foot Manual is a vital insight to foot health and for most of us, a pathway to recovery. While I recently suspected that many of my ailments may in fact derive from poor foot health, the guide cemented this and has given me a path to pursue in order to regain foot health, and overall physical health in the process. Do yourself a favor and get this guide to enhance your Bearfoot journey!
after 10 years with the now discontinued orthopedic soles these makes my feet and knees feel better than they have sine i was a teen.