Lillian A.
Love this shoe
Vincent M.
I chose the wrong size at first, but the Customer Service reps were quick to fix the issue. The shoes are great quality and came in a timely fashion.
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Sophia N.
I hope this pic showed the shoes. I absolutely love them! They allow my toes to function with the rest of my foot during weightlifting. I was worried my feet would hurt if I walked in them all day and they did not! I need more!
Akiva S.
The first time I wore the shoes, they fit perfectly and felt like I wasn't wearing shoes at all. However, I did get a blister after a 3 mile walk the second day of wearing the shoes. The blister was on my right foot pinky toe, specifically right next to the nail. I took a few days off from wearing them, and now there isn't any problems. The reason my pinky toe got a blister is mainly because the stitching goes right over where my pinky toe is, and caused a lot of friction initially. I think the ...
Nicholas C.
Love them, great barefoot feel and good ankle support through the full-cab design
Alexandru C.
Solid product, feels high quality and workouts are more enjoyable
Zena D.
Ever since I was introduced to Bearfoot in 2 years I have seen my bad form and alignment balance out. I was a runner in highschool. All I knew was spring toed shoes. I’ve had a sprained ankle since March of 2023. I’ve had planter fasciitis, and broken bones in my right foot thet never healed properly due to really tight spring toed shoes. And the massage therapist told me all about the tendons in the foot and how things are sapposed to work I couldn’t walk to school with my son. I had bee...
Sophia N.
I freakin love these shoes! I have been working up to bare feet. I walked in moccasins for a short time then got these. Recommended by my son who loves them! And I, too, love them. Already looking into my next pair!
Michelle B.
The shoes are great! But honestly they took forever to arrive and there were bonus gifts that were included in the order that never showed up with the shoes. Shoes are great though!
Kurtis G.
10/10 awesome shoes. Super comfortable. Feel and look great.