Steve M.
My power lifts have increased each workout!
Logan R.
These shoes are my second purchase from bearfoot and I love them just as much. While it takes a few days to get adjusted to wearing them all the time i really don’t think I could go back to my previous slip on shoes. 10/10 recommend!
undefined review of Oso Suede | Black image 1 out of 1
Chris C.
I've worn these all day every single day for a few months shy of 2 years. I live in northern Minnesota and wore them through plenty of rain, snow, and salt (though they are not waterproof) and put them through the ringer as much as I could. Whenever they got stiff and stained from salt I did nothing to care for the leather and basically abused them. About the only thing they aren't suitable for is dynamic movements such as running or yoke carries. Any static lifting or everyday use they are good...
undefined review of Oso Suede | Badland image 1 out of 1
Thomas P.
Love these shoes, I’ve got every color and they’ve been around the world with me. I wear them all the time. It’s too bad that black is no longer available. Please bring them back - I need a new pair.
Paola K.
My son loves them
Brian J.
They seemed a bit large at first for a slip on, but as I wore them they seemed to mold to my foot more.
Dalton S.
After alot back and forth with customer service finally receiving a pair of Oso shoes was worth the wait. I intend to purchase Bruins in the future.
The shoes are beyond comfortable. Sad I waited so long to try Bearfoot!
Brittney M.
My husband loves these, wears them daily and swears they are the most comfortable shoe ever. He also loves his bearfoot weightlifting shoes! Great products!
I purchased these for a present. My son loved them! He had purchased some before and they’re all he wears.