Patrick T.
These bearfoot shoes have improved the quality of my workouts. I have suffered from back pain since getting out of the Marine Corps. I've used UA shoes for a couple years and my felt like they were squished in them. My back would hurt doing certain lifts. Now I feel stable and planted when working out.
Jason H.
I love these shoes they are so comfortable. They really feel like you are going Bearfoot. I have already started thinking of buying them again in the black.
Andrew S.
I’ve tried deadlifting in socks and never felt comfortable with my stability doing so. Because of this, I’ve always deadlifted in shoes but felt like I needed to be lower to the ground. This shoe has been the best lifting gear purchase I’ve ever made, right along with a quality belt. First heavy deadlift session left me smiling. At least I smiled inside as I was gasping for air and waiting for the hearing to go back to normal lol. Love these things. I felt connected to the ground, but more stabl...
Christian C.
Very good shoes.
Jonathan T.
Exactly what I ordered. Love them
Keila S.
Needed to go up a half size from usual size. Usual size was too small, but love them now that I sized up! Excellent shoe for rooting feet and real grippy for SBD.
Alex W.
So comfortable. I got a size up because my normal size was pushing down on my toes.
Brayten T.
Fit true to size, well constructed. SUPER comfy. If you're interested in barefoot shoes and better foot health this is definitely my favorite that I've tried so far.
Rocco S.
Overall the Bearfoot shoes worked great. I probably should have sized down since they are so wide, but besides that no problems.
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Matt W.
They're very comfortable. I'm new the world of zero drop, wide toe box, barefoot shoes, and I think these are a good beginner pair for anyone looking to make the transition.