Valentin S.
5th pair for me. I like the low top cause it’s easy to slip off and on. I like the high top though for squatting since they have ankle support. Cons: pricey
Alec B.
Comfortable and great quality!
Beatriz E.
Epic shoe!
Will C.
I've had a pair for a month now, and I've been really looking for things to critique. The only thing I've I've come up with so far that's even remotely negative is that the laces are just a touch too long for me - that should say a lot!
Joey M.
Gorgeous as always. Bearfoot are the best shoes in this industry. These colours are absolutely fantastic together. The new sole will throw off some people but it’s worth it.
Mary L.
I love these so much to workout in and for running errands. There aren’t too many seams and the fabric feels like it holds my foot well yet it’s still very flexible. The laces are a bit long for me, but I know that can be easily remedied. They are definitely not for everyone. But they’re definitely for me!
undefined review of Ursus Suede | Low-Top | Black image 1 out of 1
James W.
I’ve had these shoes for about a month, and I have used them with deadlifts, squats, farmers walk and yoke. The best compliment is that I do not notice them at all.
Jacob B.
Excellent purchase perfect fit. Can’t wait to get a canvas pair as well.
Steve M.
Alex W.
Love these things! I have xeros, vivos, splay, and vibrams. These are by far my favorite of those brands. The grip and spread during deadlifts and squats is unreal and they are still exceptionally comfortable to walk around in.