Murelene J.
These shoes are truly amazing they are so light they really are like being barefooted with an intense
Richard B.
Best shoes iv ever owned!!!!!!
Tanner V.
I use these shoes as my daily run-arounds and they fit the bill perfectly! They fit well and I enjoy the canvas the shoes are made of!
undefined review of Oso Canvas | Space Wolf image 1 out of 1
Brandon A.
Love em
undefined review of Oso Canvas image 1 out of 2+1
Samuel W.
I had high expectations and hopes for these shoes, but after receiving and trying out my first pair, I'm blown away. These damn shoes are so f***ing comfortable. They give my feet the space and opportunity they need to do their natural thing. After wearing them both in the gym and day-to-day, my feet have begun to feel so much better - so much STRONGER. A new and exciting feeling and experience. I have already purchased another pair of these, and plan to do the best I can to wear Bearfoot almost...
undefined review of Oso Canvas image 1 out of 1
Antoine V.
Lounging, working or training, I can wear these! Wish I discovered these earlier in my life! Comfy and functional, the two things that matter the most to me!
Nolan W.
I have feet. I’ve worn shoes. My feet have never been loved by shoes like they are by the Oso Canvas. They’re spacious enough for my toes to splay the way they were designed. They’re stylish enough, I don’t get made fun of wearing them around (unlike other minimal style shoes I’ve had). They’re super easy to put on, and comfortable. The canvas material holds its shape better than the other Oso, but doesn’t limit my mobility. I’ll be getting these again for sure.
undefined review of Oso Canvas image 1 out of 1
Sam B.
Absolutely love my pair! The fit, comfort & quality is unmatched.
James P.
Amazing. I’ve been waiting for a slipper with barefoot biomechanics for a long time. As one of the longest ranged runners in the planet I pay a lot of attention to foot health, and I wear mine every day.
William T.
I need a pair of work boots but the Bruins are to tall for me. If you made a mid height boot I would buy them in a heart beat !