undefined review of Bruin / Kodiak Brown image 1 out of 2+1
Chandler B.
I’m a 7 footer w a size 16 wide / double wide foot. I bought the bruins in July 2023, since then my foot pains have gone away. I have put a beating on them, miles and miles hiking in national parks & on the job site. I have since purchased one of every shoe they make. If you have had foot pains and a hard time finding a shoe / boot that feel good and are wide enough for your feet check out Bearfoot. Those gorillas in north dakota know what they are doing when it comes to your foot health and ma...
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Donald C.
after reading the reviews from powerlifters I had to try them to see how my feet stayed flat during squatting not only are they ad advertised I felt my feet where I could push off on the bottom of the squat the whole foot made a world of difference can't not wait to use them @ my meet in august
undefined review of Bruin | Black Bear image 1 out of 2+1
Christian L.
I’m very happy with the Bruins. Their toe box is super wide and they are truly zero drop, barefoot boots! I love that they’re re-soleable as I’ll be wearing them every day as an EMT/firefighter. The high ankle feature is nice if I wanna tighten them up or leave the laces unthreaded and have some stylistic flare. Great boots!
Robert K.
worth it.
Evan R.
It’s great to find a pair of boots that don’t hurt my feet, when I’m outside working and running around town!
Joshua G.
Once again barefoot crests another incredible shoe. The boots are surprisingly heavy duty for how minimal they are, and definitely comfortable too! I need another set in brown!
undefined review of Bruin | Black Bear image 1 out of 2+1
Christian L.
I actually ended up swapping 11.5s for 12s but the customer service was awesome! My right foot has two toes that kinda arch up so with the extra space in the 12s, my fit is nice. I appreciate that these are RESOLEABLE—not something I’ve seen in other barefoot boots. I dig that I can tie them loose and not tighten up the ankle part for office time, or get ‘em on snugger for more protection and security. I’ll be wearing these as an EMT/firefighter as black boots are required uniform apparel, so th...
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Stephen M.
I've had these boots for about a month now and I wear them everyday as a telecom network tech. The break in period was a few days. I treated them with mink oil and haven't had any issues, except the tops have soo much folded over leather that once it's all tightened down the leather inevitably creates some pressure spots on the top of your foot, but that eventually softens with the break in. The grip is good enough for sand, mud, gravel and dirt but slips on wet smooth concrete. The ground feet ...
Mark A.
A fine boot indeed- love the smell of the leather and quality craftsmanship!
Warren M. S.
Excellent boots but the big toe gets a little smashed. I will stretch this area and then I will be ready to roll.