Sam L.
im still getting used to minimal but they look and smell great haha. i really like the look so i cant wait till my feet are strong enough to wear all day.
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Joey C.
Fit Is perfect top quality and they look stylish
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Jorge C.
La primera vez, el número estaba equivocado, personalmente los pedí demasiado grandes. el cambio fue muy rápido a pesar de la distancia que tienen con Chile, no tuve ningún problema. El único problema es que es difícil dejar de usarlos, son cómodos y los pies después de muchas horas no duelen al final del día. Espero obtener otros en negro!
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Jake A.
I'm actually quite pleased with the quality. I was skeptical about how they might fit at first but after trying them on they fit perfect. It's honestly a surprising experience to change to this type of boot from what I've always been used to and now have something that not only fits great but now my feet have all this room available! I been missing out for sure plus they look pretty d*** good too.
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
These boots are absolutely phenomenal! The fit is spot on to what my normal shoe size is, and the room in the toe box is glorious. There's no uncomfortable rise in the heel, rather your foot is NATURALLY flat to the ground. Both of these elements allow for your feet to grab the ground and spread the way they were created to do. I did a full back squat session with these boots this morning and they performed wonderfully. I don't want to take these off. Next, I'll be purchasing the high top shoes!
Noel N.
Great boot bought both the brown and black pairs will be a long term customer this company makes a great product!!
Great and extra comfortable boots!
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 1
Caleb C.
First off: amazing customer service and product support. Great people trying to help you get into and stay in a quality shoe. I work in the marine trades so my boots get exposed to all kinds of odd liquids and they have held up great and are highly waterproof. I crouch down very often and stick my feet in tight spaces but these boots can handle it! My only issue was the weak lace up hooks but they paid to have new ones installed no questions asked. I experienced an issue with the upper detachin...
undefined review of Bruin image 1 out of 2+1
Mathew R.
Bearfoot shoes is a 10/10 company with 10/10 products. My first pair felt a little tight and they were replaced immediately with no hassle. The second pair I received fit perfect and were very comfortable. Sadly they ripped when I was running through the woods and I believe my laces or an eyelet somehow got hooked on something. That pair was also replaced within 2 weeks and I was back on my feet with another pair of high quality work boots.
Bret R.
A serious, durable, bare foot work boot. I have Xero shoes. These surpass those big time.