John M.
Outstanding quality, especially compared to other higher priced barefoot brands. I love the capability to resole them when they wear out. Fitment is spot on.
undefined review of Ursus Canvas | High-Top | Black image 1 out of 1
Derrick R.
Comfortable squats and deadlifts without going shoeless in the gym. Lots of toebox space which improves my stretching into better ankle mobility.
Bronson T.
First pair of high tops and the fit great.
Zachary B.
Only used them for a few weeks now, but like the shoes overall. I use them exclusively for leg days and weight lifting. We'll see how long they hold up!
Ronald G.
I have been an Olympic and Powerlifting Style weightlifter since 1972 . I quit competing in 2005 due to a shoulder / knee injury . If these shoes would have been available then they would have been perfect for the deadlift and auxiliary training . I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet and these shoes enable me to train not wearing a slipper style shoe or just socks as I can feel the floor and don’t slip . Great Shoes Thanks !
Caleb T.
They upgraded them. They have a tongue eyelet meow which is awesome! The soles also seem a tad bit sturdier which I’m very happy about. Also the inner soles are more grippy. Sort of clings to thine foot; which is a bonus. I love these shoes and will keep buying them until I’m dead or the company stops making them. Also I wear a size 10/10.5 in regular shoes…and I get a 10 in bearfoot. Perfect fit. Keep on keeping on!
Elizabeth W G.
You guys are the best with customer service. Easy to communicate with; quick response; and excellent at standing behind your products. Thank you for making a grandmother's Christmas shopping a joy.
Remy L.
I am very happy with the quality as they feel very good. I am pleased that Bearfoot makes size 16 barefoot shoes!
Matt H.
Perfectly simple, wouldn’t change anything.
undefined review of Ursus Canvas High-Top image 1 out of 1
Ashley R.
I love my bearfoot shoes they are so comfortable I will purchase them in another color 😀