Den Q.
I'm very pleased with these boots. Broke them right in with several consecutive long days and wasn't suffering in the aftermath. Seems durable and I will look for these again after I wear them out.
Jenna J.
My husband loves them! He had bought a pair of steel toes from Wal-Mart for $25 that had a hole in the toes after 2 hours of working on flooring, so we decided to look on Amazon. Found these had great ratings and he loves them already. Says they are lighter and fit perfectly and so far no holes!
Trish Y.
I bought these boots for my husband almost a year ago and he loves them. We have tried different brands and this brand is his favorite. He is a welder so he is on his feet all day. Very comfortable. He even hunts with them on! Great buy. I ended up buying him a second pair of the lighter ones.
Nurse C.
Bought these for my Husband, and he loves them! If you are someone with foot problems, diabetes,etc... these are the boots to get. He said this is the best pair of boot he has ever had, and he has had many. He has had ones that were almost double the price of these and his feet would still hurt by the end of the day. He said he could wear them everyday not just to work, they are that comfortable! bought him the same size he wears in all his shoes / boats.
So far so good after my husband has worn these at work, in a very physical job that requires lots of walking on various terrains, including on pavement and constant turning back and forth on metal grates. I think he has really liked them! He said they weren't too comfy during the break-in period, but other than that, so far they have been great boots for the price! Note: I also ordered him powerstep insoles for arch and heel support to replace the very flat ones that come inside. We would recomm...
Fred B.
Bought for husband he wanted a shorter boot for summer. He was very pleased with them and said they were very comfortable from the first day. They needed no breaking in and have lasted longer than most boots for the price.
Bobi B.
This is my third pair of these boots. The last pair lasted three years. It wasn’t until this last 2 months that they finally fell apart. The picture is a photo of the three year old pair next to the new pair. I’m by no means soft on my boots.
Spencer D.
Needed some good tough boots for working around the garage and yard! I got these on sale and love them! They fit a little big but thats no big deal for me, but id order .5 size smaller if i bought them again. Very heavy duty! Look like they should last me a very long time! I will update this post after i have had more time with them, but first impressions are they fit good and extremely high quality! I did treat them since i live in the Midwest and I plan on using them in winter! Attached is a p...
Jonnie B.
I like how Amazon tells you the last time you ordered a specific item. First time I tried Cat shoes and fell in love with them. I was a Timberland Pro Series guy before. I decided it's time to replace them now in April 2018. Shoes are still intact but I finally destroyed the laces. Tells you how well these hold up. Could just replace laces but decided to take advantage of my work's shoe policy.
Rachel H.
My husband was buying boots all over the place including walmart and would buy a pair about every few months. But these have lasted him an entire year. He's about to buy his sec. pair and told me to come back and get more of these. My husband is picky and if you can get his seal of approval it's a good product. He said they fit well, no inserts needed. The ONLY reason he's replacing them is the sole is coming off on one. But DAMN it's been a year doing hard physical work for a year 5 days a week...
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