Elizabeth V. review of Hanging Birdfeeder image 1 out of 1
Elizabeth V.Verified
Good size bird feeder and easy to put together. I used a shoelace to attach it to the tree which worked well. I’m using an orange on it but might try apple to see what birds that might attract.
Meredith B.Verified
Great product, birds love it.
Leah W.Verified
Great quality and the birds love it.
Denny W.Verified
I gave this to a dear friend as a gift and she absolutely loves it. In fact, it looked so good, I had to purchase one for myself! I have it hanging in my apple tree, ready for the months when there’s no fruit available to the local lorikeets. I’m looking forward to some bird photograph opportunities using my feeder as a lure. 😊
Melinda K.Verified
Perfect addition to my parent’s garden.
Elizabeth V.Verified
Strong quality metal bird feeder that was easy to put together. I have used a shoe lace to attach mine to a tree branch. I have used an orange on mine but I’m next going to try an apple to entice more birds.
Elizabeth V.Verified
Good size feeder made from strong material. I used a shoelace to attach mine to the tree and works well.
Teresa A.Verified
Love it