Hugh D.Verified
Nice unit but quite a bit smaller than we had expected. We were also surprised how quickly it rusted.
Lynn M.Verified
We gave a kookaburra and water bowl as gifts. Our daughters were so excited at the novel and beautiful works these are. Thanks for making Australian, long lasting and memorable pieces for us to enjoy.
Stephanie W.Verified
Love our wee bird feeder love the way it has weathered. For those who have had trouble finding a bowl to fit, Woolworths sell a 2pk of mini metal pie dishes they fit perfectly 😁
Tamlyn C.Verified
I was disappointed that the water feeder did not include a bowl. In re-reading the description, it does say that, however it is not clear and I assumed that a water feeder would include a bowl. The two parts that join together do not join together well and there were white marks on the items. overall, a bit disappointed,
Ebony L.Verified
It's very cute, but it really should have included a bowl as well.
Margaret W.Verified
Very good. Small and neat and looks nice when set up.
Liv K.Verified
Great Xmas gift for the nature lovers in the family!
Ann G.Verified
Gorgeous garden gadgets Just what I was looking for but better. Love the beautiful design, quality material and that it's Australian made! So well packaged for mailing too.
Sarah W.Verified
Love it but not what I expected. The design of this feeder is perfect but a little on the small size. Not the 20cm x 24cm as described. It’s actually 14cm x 18cm (including the stick you put into the log). I also thought it included the bowl and it was hard to find a metal dish the size of the hole. But even with all that, we still love the design and hopefully the birds will enjoy their treat.
Linda B.Verified
The birds love the water feeder, But actually we put seed in it
Leeanne C.Verified
Really cute
Anne C.Verified
Should come with a bowl I bought it as a present, and had difficultly finding a suitable bowl - it should come with a bowl, as otherwise it's incomplete
Karen C.Verified
Look great Great Xmas present for my Parents they loved them
Joanna C.Verified
Teacher gift End of year teacher gift for one that loves gardening
Melinda K.Verified
Looks fantastic & was perfect for my parent’s garden.
Looks lovely and great for smaller birds, dragonflies etc