Anna B.Verified
So beautiful and amazing!
Beverley H.Verified
The metalbird arrived promptly and we are very happy with it. Great workmanship and will look forward to seeing it in place when it has found its new home. It is a Christmas gift for my daughter and son-in-law for their home.
Lisle G.Verified
I love looking out on my garden and seeing the tree with the birds' silhouette against the sky.
Maggie R.Verified
A Xmas gift.
Catherine B.Verified
Have a number of Metalbirds now :) all are great and the latest Regent Honeyeater is no exception. Recommend.
Pauline F.Verified
Makes a boring pole interesting Stands out and adds an item of interest to my verandah.
Carissa T.Verified
Beautiful products and customer service was excellent.
Joanne H.Verified
Regent Honey eaters Incredible details and you get 2 beautiful birds to admire. Definitely one to put on your wish list.
Kay H.Verified
Deborah B.Verified
Metal birds Thank you my birds arrived promptly and well packaged. Exceptional quality, love your metal birds. Thanks again for a unique and great product.
Andree M.Verified
Regent honeyeater Great product and really easy to install.
Judith L.Verified
Great Product Love helping endangered animals and the regent honeyeater is one. A beautiful bird and metalbird has done a great job in creating this artwork in metal. Highly recommend