Sharon F. review of Emu image 1 out of 1
Sharon F.Verified
We have several birds now and we love each one. They are great additions to a garden bringing character and charm.
Kim S. review of Emu image 1 out of 1
Kim S.Verified
I’ve called her Tilly. The lyrebird is Max.
Margaret L.Verified
Emu stands out beautifully amongst our rockery on the farm. A pleasant reminder of a baby emu who used to visit us in the heat of summer for a cool down under the hose!
Liz E.Verified
My emu sits happily in garden and I can see it from kitchen window as well as the owl (see 3rd pic)
Tina S.Verified
Love emu
Keith N.Verified
My Emu is a great garden addition! Great quality and great service from the seller!
Melina B.Verified
Fantastic gift idea Have been purchasing items from this company for a few years now. Lovely and unique gifts.
Rob G.Verified
Great My dog keeps racing up to see what the emus doing .(he’s a bit thick )
April A.Verified
Gorgeous emu Arrived quickly as my orders have in the past. Will look fabulous when I get the garden sorted. I will be back for more!
Dianne D.Verified
Beautiful bird, nice size Looks lovely. Am still trying to work out how to install it.
Marie H.Verified
Great for Birthday Gift.
Josie E.Verified
Emu The Metalbird emu is gorgeous
Angkana W.Verified
Lovely He’s perfect.
Irene H.Verified
Emu Looks fantastic in the garden. Great size. Looks wonderful from a distance in the garden. Thanks
Rowe M.Verified
absolutely love it! :-D Looks super cool, can’t wait for it to age into its character. It’s looking lonely and on the hunt for it’s mate…
Jean J.Verified
Never disappointed when they arrive
Margaret O.Verified
Absolutely fabulous.
Penny H.Verified
Emu guard My Emu stands guard in the garden and keeps my cats company. Apart from getting knocked over from some extra happy rubs from the cat, it's always lovely to look out the window at the Emu standing tall. He's taken on a lovely rusted look from all the recent rains, but it just makes him look better.
Sally B.Verified
Emu and others Love the metal birds. The emu is proudly hanging near our entrance and always gets the conversations started! Don't have a photo but watch this space and I will get onto it!!
Bronwyn P.Verified
Tyrone the Emu is a welcome site in the garden. A good friend of Steven the Penguin