Bil B. review of Eastern Spinebill image 1 out of 2+1
Bil B.Verified
I really love these products they are authentic Aussie species, are attractive and make an impact. I recently bought one as gift for a friend and have these two in my garden next to my bird bath.
Desma C.Verified
We enjoy looking at them
Lisle G.Verified
Love the Eastern Spinebill's silhouette against the sky.
Wilson K.Verified
Scratched bird and no feedback I've been waiting 2 weeks to hear back from Metalbird after expressing disappointment at receiving a damaged bird. Other products have been good but the customer support is pretty terrible.
Jes S.Verified
beautiful garden adornment Our eastern spine bill is such a lovely garden adornment and so easy to put in. These are also such lovely gifts! We have bought a few for others and they absolutely love them
Linda I.Verified
Lea P.Verified
We love our Eastern Spinebill metal bird. It really enhances the look of our garden. The quality is excellent and we were happy with the special deal price.
Anna C.Verified
Eastern Spinebill Beautiful! Love it. Yet to decide on a permanent home, but the design is gorgeous.
Margaret W.Verified
in the tree These birds looks marvellous in the tree. They are very easy to identify and look great
Gayle M.Verified
Purchased Love the wood duck and eastern spinebill. Gave them both to my friends for Christmas and they loved them as well
Roslyn L.Verified
A lovely design Loved the design and layout of this piece. A beautiful addition to my garden and one product I would happily buy again.
Lorraine S.Verified
Lovely item for our garden. Looks great.
Michael B.Verified
Well made, good value
Love it!