Marjorie J.
Purchased for my son as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it. He has made lots of items and finds it easy to use.
Richard Y.
Great machine got few items from it. Need a part and all sold out, accidental damage to wire so it’s out off action. But it’s a good thing as I’m about to order a resin printer now got some great ideas and I’m getting used to the designing element, which being broken isn’t such a shame: but…. I do hope that part comes in stock sooner then later!
Richard D.
Very pleased with the Bambu P1S and the AMS, prompt delivery. Have used Technology Outlet before and I’m happy to do business with them and will continue to do so. Not so pleased with the 4 reels of filament in the bundle, I expected Technology Outlet branded reels ie. with plastic spools, what was delivered were cardboard spools.