Alan P. review of Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer with AMS image 1 out of 1
Alan P.
I am making a couple of battle damaged skulls,The bottom jaw takes 10hrs
Mr I.
Fantastic machine. It just... works! Anyone who has tried a cheaper 3d printer will probably know the pain that can come with constantly tinkering to get good prints. This came out of the box, removed the packaging (very good instructions on what to remove) and started printing right away. Fully recommend this to anyone thinking of a 3d printer as a tool, rather than a hobby in its own right.
M P.
The AMS was the deal breaker for me, to be able to have a print in different colours without having to paint it. Even if you don't want multi colour prints, being able to just select a different colour spool without having all the aggravation of changing spools is brilliant.
Stephen B.
As usual Technology Outlet sent the Bamboo printer out in good time and being a regular user of 3D printers i was astonished at the build quality and model production from the Printer WOW what a machine ! By far the best printer i have ever used in my printing life on a another level and that includes my Prusa machines
Nick M.
The printer was great, but had a problem with it after two days and had to return it For a refund. The refund was dealt with quickly with no arguments.