Andy P. review of Creality 3D Halot Mage CL-103L - 8K Resin 3D Printer image 1 out of 5+4
Andy P.
This is my 1st resin printer, so I've got lots to learn. Been FDM printing for the last 6 years. Order arrived next day and in perfect condition. Printer was very easy to set up and level. Only done the one print so far, which is the Open Source Ring from Thingiverse and it came out perfectly. Printed in Sunlu ABS-like resin. The only thing I don't like about the printer is the extremely LOUD fan on the bottom of the printer. I assume it's the cooling fan for the LCD. Will have to see if I can f...
Jeremy S.
Update the firmware before you attempt the first print. The firmware that was on mine caused a massive misprint. Covering the entire build plate on a model that was 60x60x60 mm. Updated the firmware and it printed great.