Kevan D.
Easy to use, great support and plenty of tutorial videos with real world examples.
Niall K.
Excellent product and service!
Hugh B.
Very well made and easy to use
Keith P. review of EinStar Handheld 3D Scanner image 1 out of 1
Keith P.
Works straight out of the box.....excellent scan quality for what I require.
Simon R.
I'm just amazed! Most of the distributors for this product tried to persuade me this was a 'hobby' or at best 'educational' scanner - and for reverse engineering, I should buy a £10k+ scanner. It turns out, that was a crock! I've been using this for reverse engineering engine mountings & a bell housing adaptor for an electric motor - and it's just amazing! I'm getting an accuracy of about +/-0.2mm over a 1m distance (measured using a calibration piece with known hole centres) - which is accu...