Stuart W.
great machine, perfect straight out of the box ,prints really good, great Service as well from technology
Richard L.
This is my first 3D printer - I've been looking at them for some time, and the S1 Pro seemed perfect and had some great reviews. It was ordered and delivered really quickly, and was set up within a few minutes. The first prints were great, then the next few failed as I learned some of the slicer settings (loving using Cura). Thingiverse is my favourite site to find models, and TinkerCad is great to create your own models. I bought the Creality Box as well (highly recommended), so I can send mode...
Maksims S. review of Creality 3D Ender 3 S1 Pro Direct Drive 3D Printer
Maksims S.
Absolutely fantastic machine, I have over 300 print hours on it, zero hassle so far. Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a first or second 3D printer.
Christopher H.
Excellent printer. Excellent service
Robert B. review of Creality 3D Ender 3 S1 Pro Direct Drive 3D Printer
Robert B.
15 minutes from unpacking to first print, bunny benchy straight out of the box, I feel this one is a definite contender to give the PRUSA MK3i a run for its money at nearly half price and just as good print quality so far