Callum L.
Fantastic printer. Setup (levelling) took around 15 minutes and it has worked flawlessly since. For comparison after 18 months and £300 of new parts my Crealty Ender5Plus still fails 4 out of 5 prints creating bird’s nests. A great machine. Only hint is to make sure you clip the bed down rather than relying on the magnets. Sometimes if printing something with large overhangs it can move the bed a small amount giving you a ridge on whatever you are printing.
William W. review of Flashforge Guider IIS / 2S v2 - with High Temp Extruder
William W.
Having used a Flashforge Creator2 for several years the Flashforge Glider 2 is a real step up in terms of quality of manufacture. The mechanical parts are much more substantial. The big advantage is it can print up to 300degC., therefore most thermoplastics can be printed using this machine. It does have a problem when using TPU as in the attached photo. I have had to change the nozzle to 0.8mm to prevent blocking. It remains to be seen how reliable it will be in the long term. The new Flashforg...