Daniel J. review of Creality 3D CR-3040 Pro 3D Printer image 1 out of 1
Daniel J.
Really really good printer.. Iv got 4 others and this is definitely my favourite out the bunch. Easy to use and it prints high quality strong prints
Dionisie N. review of Creality3D CR-3040 Pro 3D Printer image 1 out of 1
Dionisie N.
very heavy unit. Im impressed by the weight but the quality is good as well. There were some small issues, one of the Y axis runners slipped and was a pain to level it until i found the glass bed is not actually straight. I flipped it upside down and i managed to level it pretty well and adhesion is great now. Another issue was that the unit cannot read long file names so i have to shorten the gcode file name to allow the unit to see it. took me a while to find out. I am a bit disappointed that ...
Nicholas G.
Having purchased the 3D printer for our company, this was done on lead time and cost. The item itself took over 3 weeks to be delivered by DPD, after several frantic phone calls it was finally delivered. On inspection we could see why it had taken so long for the delivery, the carrier had attempted too repackage with black cellophane not a good idea and they delivered it upside down. On closer inspection it look like the carrier (DPD) had thrown it around. I contacted the the supplier and they...
Mr L.
Ok.. so I'll explain the rating. Good points, the printer has a superb quality build to it. The enclosed frame is sturdy, the bed is secure and the xy head movement is precise and accurate. Added bonuses of a case extraction fan, case light and bltouch abl. The downside.. the "purification" fan setting is just redundant really, no air filtration and all it does is activate the extractor fans on a low power setting.. furst use led to the fan wiring burning out and melting and TO customer servic...
Martin M.
This machine is very heavy and well engineered. It's my first machine and after lubrication of all the moving parts and tightening many loose screws. The prints were great. Had a minor issue with the software on the motherboard but technology outlet sent me a reset file which cured the issue quickly