Chris M. review of PrimaSelectâ„¢ PLA Tough Filament - 1.75mm - 750g image 1 out of 1
Chris M.
I have used various other PLA but I have found that Prima seems to be the favourable one for me.
Hugh C.
PLA tough prints very well and it is much tougher than standard PLA my only dislike is the removal of the raft from the model, on larger models it is very difficult to remove I have resorted to chiseling it off carefully this is ok on flat parts not sure how this would work on models that can't be held down on a bench. a twin extruder machine could help with a different material that is more brittle. Having said that it is a material that is similar in strength to ABS and works well for the flat...
Alisha T.
im trying different ones to see what works but it done great print
Michael L.
Needs a little bit of fiddling around with to get a good bed adhesion. I used 220/70 nozzle/bed. Didn't print well above 150mm/sec